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I love my Wii … seriously love it … Xander loves it also but he completely sucks at it (as to be expected … he’s three). He’s decent at a couple games though – he likes the Tank/Bomb game on Wii Play and the Golf game on Wii Sports. I personally like bowling – I’m MUCH better on the Wii than in real life. I also picked up a game called Cosmic Familythat lists the target age at 4-8. Well, Xander only kinda sucks at that one – so it’s a step in the right direction. Right now though, I’ve loaned it to my friends’ 5 year old who LOVES the game and rocks it. I also picked up (for me of course) Harry Potter! I love it 🙂 I think the next game that I will get is Wii Carnival because the games are fun and Xander doesn’t have a huge issue playing them. I also want Mario Kart of course … I’ve got a MK game for each Nintendo gaming system I own (and I literally own them all).

Next on our gaming agenda? Either a playstation 3 or an Xbox. I think I’m leaning more towards the PS3 since I already own a PS2 and I can play the games on on the new one. Hubby wants Grand Theft Auto 4 – which is why he wants either of those gaming systems. Why can’t they just come out with the game for the Wii? Seriously people … But, I’ve gotta say – according to Amazon the GTA4 is about $10 cheaper for the PS3 – so there you have a reason to get the PS3!

For the computer geek in me (hee!) – Sims2 has “Apartment Life” coming out around August 26th. 20 more days!!! I’m EXTREMELY excited about this game … One word: “MAGIC” 🙂


  1. Umm GTA4 may be cheaper for the PS3, but the Xbox itself is cheaper. I don’t yet know, but friends have told me that the current model PS3 is not that great, unless you can get like the very first model of PS3, you should get the xbox…either one works for me though!

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