Fondue Coma

I think that I am going to need to find a new term life insurance quote for my poor husband if I keep leaving him alone with our kid. I have gone out I believe four times this week – the movies on Wednesday, book club on Friday, an all day spouse motivational meeting on Saturday and finally tonight for a going away party. Saturday; Alan ended up taking Xander to a birthday party even (with another dad who had also been abandoned by his wife, lol). Horrible aren’t we? Problem is that 1. Alan recently got back from a “business trip” and hasn’t HAD to deal with Xander as much, problem 2. is the Alan has had an allergy driven migraine for a couple days now. I feel bad for him on that hand – but I don’t feel bad that he has to watch Xander in general. He’s three years old, he acts like a three year old – you know, a small whirling dervish hyped up on crack? Yeah, that’s a three year old for you …

I love my family.

Oh but tonight – TONIGHT we (us girls) took our friend Ria out for dinner at The Melting Pot (the awesome fondue restaurant). We broke up all the cheeses and chocolates between a few of us – but a couple of the others got “real” food (like, the meat stuff). I got a nice Cobb salad and mooched cheese and chocolate off friends. Four of us split a check and ended up saving some money, it was nice. I’m absolutely stuffed and in a mushy food coma right now. Gotta take Alan there for our anniversary I think – we haven’t been to one for a long time.


  1. I’ve always wanted to try the Melting Pot, and we still haven’t 🙁

  2. I absolutely ADORE the Melting Pot…I had been to my first one in Dallas, TX while out there for training for my job, before I had kids.

    Hubs and I went to the one in Va Beach for our 4th anniversary….man…I can’t wait to go to one of those again. They are not everywhere, unfortunately….

  3. OMG I love that place! If I ever find a babysitter, or bribe a family member to visit us (so they can have the heathens for a night), I’m getting me some CHEESE. heh I could live on that alone..with a little chocolate thrown in.

  4. Great that you love your family so very much.

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