Follow-up: Possible Gunshots

Ah ha! Finally got a hold of the crime report online. It lists 3 bullet holes in the house. Doesn’t give the actual house – but I’m sure I know which one.

Here’s the one that lists Attempted burglary and shots to bedroom wall, bedroom window and bathroom wall. It lists victims in the house also – I think he was just trying to scare them. Sure scared me! Jesus!! Attempted escape in gold Toyota (which was the 2nd car I saw other then the green SUV). (link)

Here’s the report for the 2nd one, I would assume same house – claims force able rape! (link)

This is pretty scary stuff. Seriously … I live in a supposedly nice, quiet neighborhood. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen here – damn, especially not 3 doors down from me! If I wanted this kind of crap I would’ve moved to the ghetto off Military Circle!


  1. that’s too scary! I always hated living in places you thought were safe, and then stuff like that happens. We lived in an apartment where the “security patrol” was attacking girls. Then we moved….and the next place, the upstairs neighbor assaulted me when I knocked on his door to tell him to keep the noise down (having complained to the management many times and being told to handle it amongst ourselves). He pushed me HARD, and had I not been at a slight angle, I’d have fallen down an entire flight of stairs…and I was 4 months pregnant at the time.

    I hope these incidences were just aberrations in your otherwise quiet and safe neighborhood!

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