Flew In From Florida

… boy are her arms tired! Heh heh … My mother – flew here – in an AIRPLANE!! I’m so very proud of her. It might be another 20 years before she does it again – but she did it. She’s alive and still walking and talking! We’re planning on driving down to Florida on Thursday – just in time to greet a couple hurricanes of course!

How are you all weathering the hurricane season? Are you all ready with your coolers and canned Spam? (Eh, and some Fenphedra to counter-act that Spam?) I’m not really worried being a Florida girl – but being without power is a pain. It’s kind of fun to watch the trees blow and the rain fall … I mean, I wouldn’t want to watch the seas rising – but luckily I haven’t lived in any real flood zones.

Anyway – for those of you that have been in the path or will be soon good luck!


  1. I’m 3 houses from the beach. I’ll be evacuating if it’s any kind of hurricane. The tropical storm winds and rain were enough for me. The baseboards started leaking water…I can only imagine a hurricane here. I’m moving inland to my parents if it comes! Hope we get to see you on your visit.

  2. Enjoy your time with your mom and stay safe!

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  3. that’s a nice shout out. i too hope everyone was alright. it doesn’t look like it was nearly as bad as katrina but who am I to judge since i’m safe and sound in only an earthquake zone with no fears whatsoever of hurricanes. that’s gotta really suck always worrying about the water taking your home away!

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