Flash! Ah-ah!

Okay … had to take that opportunity to quote a Queen song. Sorry ’bout that! I just wanted to post an update on school and my classes this term. I am taking “Storyboarding for Animation” which is an introduction to Adobe Flash and basic flash creation. Our assignment today was to create a 468×60 banner and I am working on one for my Advertisements page. I figure I may as well make something useful right? I can only work on it in school right now because my Flash is ‘lacking’ on the upstairs computer. Working on going legit you know …

Anyway – the class is alright … The teacher is extremely difficult to understand what with his thick accent and his soft voice. That and the school’s servers are in the same room so it just creates more noise which makes the teacher even harder to hear. Plus – it’s very “straight from the book” which is one of those ‘classroom in a book’ type books. Might as well be teaching myself here. Oh wait …

The other “class” I am taking is a “Project II” class which is basically me making (designing & deploying) a website for a client. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear from said client and was told today that said client NEVER replies. Great! My friend (and employee of my school) is looking into this and will hopefully get to the bottom of it. I don’t want to waste my time on someone who obviously doesn’t want a site.

Ugh … I have a headache again. And my neck and shoulders are killing me. And my husband is ‘napping’ on the couch. And it’s almost bath/bedtime for Xander. Ugh!

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