Feeling A Bit Kickass

I just finished up my “Server-Side Framework” class (ASP.NET) at my school. I received a 95% – and I am really, extremely happy about this! I had never worked with ASP.NET nor Visual Studio before and I really enjoyed it. I’d like to learn more in fact! It’s just another aspect of web development that I’d never really dabbled with before. Doing so well in the class has kinda renewed my thirst for learning everything I can about web dev – I’m excited about the possibilities!

This term I am taking an online class – “Operations Management” – because honestly, I needed a filler class. It might be nice though because I’ve never “managed” anything before and I’m awful at managing myself! Maybe I will learn something?

As for now – since hurricane Alan went through my living/dining area I have to do some cleaning. I also have to get the dog from the kennel. Buy cat food. Drive to Richmond for a bridesmaid dress. Ugh – I will need a nap at some point today!

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