Facebook Changes

I’ve had a Facebook account for a few months now. I don’t use it as much as my MySpace, but I do use it (especially more lately). I noticed that there is a petition going around there that warns users about some “Beacon” software that literally tells everyone on your friends list what purchases you’ve made online! To me that’s insane!! Well, a ton of others felt the same way – in fact, over 50,000 users on Facebook felt that way also!

I was scanning my “Latest Headlines” on my Firefox that reports from BBC News “Protests force Facebook to change” – the users of Facebook actually accomplished something with their petition!!

I’d never signed up for the Beacon software on my account. But I’d surely be PISSED if what I was buying was being popped up all over Facebook! Don’t people think of these things before they make software?

You can read the rest of the article here.


  1. People are greedy, if you bought a computer than they will show you mice and keyboards. It is pretty genius but also an invasion of privacy at the same time.

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