Drama? Already?

Alan tried to take Xander to daycare on his bike (with Xander in a bike trailer) and apparently, a bug flew into Xander’s eye! So, he bikes him home and they come busting into the house with Xander screaming his head off. I managed to get him calmed down but he refused to let me look at his eye. At least I got him to stop rubbing it though.

I wiped his face and hands off with a warm washcloth and we snuggled up for awhile. Finally, he was able to open his eye a little for me (when he got distracted by Alan tickling him – laughter is really the best medicine!) There is nothing in Xander’s eye – so I’m assuming whatever flew in (a gnat?) was wiped/cried away. I’m sure he gave himself some eye scratches though – thankfully, those light scratches heal pretty fast. I told Alan to go ahead and take him to school but to let his teacher know what happened.

I’m home today – so I’m on call in case his eye gets worse.

Poor kid! Gosh, it’s barely 10am and it’s already been a madhouse here!

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