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I have been scouring my “Storage” magazine by Better Homes and Gardens. I’m so very tired of my house looking like a train wreck, so I’m actually utilizing some of the ideas from the mag. One of the ideas was a “days of the week” dresser for the kids room (check it out here). I decided that would be an AWESOME project for Xander’s room – so today I looked around of Craigslist to find what is referred to as a “Lingerie Dresser” and found a pretty “antique” (ahem, looking) one for $60. I bought some paint to change the color of it though. I wish I could’ve found an unfinished wood one like the magazine features, but I had no idea where to get it. So, I’ve got what I’ve got. It’s not perfect, but it will do. I bought some “eco” (scrapbooking) letters to add the days of the week to the front. I will post photos when the project is finished!


Another fun idea from the magazine is using a wine rack as a towel holder for your bathroom! It shows off your towels and can either sit on a counter or depending on what kind you get, hang on the wall. It’s chic and it’s cheap!

A couple weeks ago I hit up the thrift store and found a pretty (and in good shape) mini-closet that I can use as a medicine cabinet (or something) in the bathroom (for $15.00!). I plan on painting it white (spray paint $2.00!) and hanging it up!

I love DIY projects; it’s just finding the time, energy and patience to do them that always gets me!


  1. That is a cute idea! The last time I left towels out on display they ended up caked with dust because I wouldn’t let anyone actually USE them. lol

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