December Roundup

Welcome to December ladies and gents! December is the time for holidays, giving and cheer! December is also the time for eggnog! Lots and lots and lots and lots of eggnog! With rum! Or whiskey! Or any other alcohol you can toss into your big cup o’nog with your nutmeg! Wait, you say you don’t add the rum, etc.??? What’s WRONG with you!? How can you get through the holidays not alco’d up?!

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself since hubby hasn’t let me buy any ‘nog yet. I was trying a couple weeks ago. Now, it’s officially December and I think I can get some.

New layout on Starryskye’s blog! Yay! I used some scrapbook stuff I had saved. I will post the linky later.

I asked hubby if I could stay up late and play Sims2 – and he agreed. Hopefully, he agrees to let me sleep in tomorrow morning also! (He’s giving the baby a bath right now, he’s such an awesome hubby!)

Happy December!


  1. Your blog looks awesome and all Christmasy!

  2. I don’t like eggnog…EWWWWWW…LOL But I’ll take all the other drinks….LOL YUMMMMM for the holidays.


  3. Hell, I couldn’t get thru the holidays if I WASN’T liquored up. LOL!!! (Kidding….sort of. 🙂 )

    I love me some eggnog….

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