Days, Hours, Minutes

Bedtime comes so fast now … I’m not complaining – don’t get me wrong here, just worth mentioning. The past 2 days have FLOWN by, which is wonderful (I must thank my friend for all she’s doing to keep Xander and I busy, you know who you are!) Even on the days that we don’t get out of the house for more then a little bit to run errands the days go by quick. The house is neat (thanks Mom!) and slowly being packed (I have enough time to organize and pack, not just throw things into boxes). The past 2 days Xander has gone to bed really easily (which I of course appreciate). My creative juices are flowing around my brain and I have so many projects in mind I don’t even know WHERE to start! My item on eBay is actually being BID on which is super DUPER exciting! I’ve never sold anything on eBay before, and I figured I would start with all the candle goods that are taking up a crazy amount of space in my closet. All in all it’s been a good couple days. Nice.

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