Crying ..

Ugh, I let Xander cry it out again … He just would NOT go to sleep, so I nursed him for the 6th time since 8:30pm and left him in there to scream and cry. I was ready to scream and cry myself, so I had to walk away. He cried for what seemed to be a half hour, though I think it may have only been 15 minutes, and now he’s apparently sleeping. I don’t hear him. Guess I should check on him. Wow, Mommyhood is hard 🙁


  1. I hear you. My first slept like the dead, so I never thought I’d have to deal with that issue. That was until my lovely little girl came and hates, hates to sleep unless it’s in my arms. She wouldn’t co-sleep, sleep in the crib, sleep in a swing. We finally found she liked the play pen so she could press her face into the mesh sides (yes she does sleep that way). It’s hard! Some times we need to walk away and have the other adult (father) deal with it for a while.

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