Creativity Go Boom

I had myself dropped from last terms classes – Statistics and Senior Capstone because of several reasons. One reason being my lack of interest due to both suffering from complete burnout along with lack of anti-depression pills. The medicine that I had been on for depression/anxiety (Zoloft) had begun making me sick and turning my insides to burning hot jelly (or so it felt like it). So, I stopped them – cold turkey – which made me turn into a hellacious pregnant monster who slept the days away and when she was awake growled and snarled at even her closest friends. Not pretty. But, amazingly enough dropping the classes helped my  mood a lot. So did getting onto some other depression medicine called Prozac. Neither Prozac nor Zoloft kick the depression away like Cymbalta did – but alas, Cymbalta hasn’t been tested enough on pregnant women so I’m not going to be the beta tester.

So, because of burnout and coming close to hitting the ground depression-wise I’ve been sorta anti everything when it comes to design. It’s a shame since when I’m in my prime I can kinda kick some ass. My geek friends will vouch for me.

I began a class again tonight – that Capstone class that I flunked out of dropped out of because it was online and gave me zero direction. It’s a huge project-type class. One where you have to come up with some invention – either completely new or an improvement on something already out there. My online teacher left us to our own devices and I am still wondering how the hell people chose topics with no springboard. I for one am not a “come up with an idea and run with it” type of girl – I will admit it. But if an idea is thrown out there and I’m tasked with “making it so” I’m your girl.

It took over two hours – but my team came up with a brilliant idea (that I will not be sharing here at ALL until it’s time to present it). That two hour brainstorm session got my brain going again. It’s nice to have a working, thinking brain. Too bad it decides to work and think up a storm at 1am! But – I guess I should be grateful it’s still working.

This leads me to think that me sitting here waiting for people to come to me and ask for a website design, or a blog design it a complete waste of time. I’m going to start working on some designs and dabbles and put ‘em up on the blog (or most likely if they would be more WAHM oriented I will put them up at EasyWAHMWebsites instead). Give me a little time to think, or challenge me with something. Give me some direction fellow webbies! I certainly need it!

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