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I’m really excited about how easy it is to watch just about anything you want to watch on the Internet now. As a mom who relies heavily on her DVR because she has zero time to sit and watch shows – this whole Internet television experience is right up my ally. A website that I hadn’t heard of before – – aims to introduce people to better television content via widgets and keyword-based searches.

One really cool series I think all mom’s with tween or teen girls should check out (and make their girls check out) is called "Smart Girls at the Party" and stars Amy Poehler (of SNL and Baby Mama fame – she’s hilarious), Meredith Walker and Amy Miles. These three women take the time to celebrate girls who are changing the world by being themselves.

"I’m wearing a fancy scarf because this is a serious show" – Amy Poehler

It’s an awesome web show that shows Amy interviewing smart and beautiful young girls who are incredibly talented. The show is really funny and will quickly catch the eye of tween girls. It shows how "smart girls have more fun" – it’s a great message for young girls!

Check out the widget below this post – and if you would like to check out all the webisodes visit the ONNETWORKS Website. There is also a blog written by the Amy’s and Meredith that features an inspiring all-female "Hall of Fame" along with an "Ask Amy" section and music tidbits. Girl Power! (yes, I totally just channeled the Spice Girls for a second!)

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