My husband and I are moving (to Virginia, what you hadn’t heard yet?) and I know that the FAMILY (you know, the mob? I kid!) will want to visit us (they WILL) while we are up there. So, I went on a search to find a cheaper way to fly. Yeah, I’ve heard of those ‘other’ websites, but they never give me the best deal – I always end up going through the airline. Cheapoair has everything those ‘other’ places offer – air, hotel & car. But, when I actually tried it out (I searched for a November flight from Jax to LaGuardia, NY – which is a trip I will be taking soon.); one of the ‘other’ companies popped back “flights from $195”, Cheapoair came back with “flights from $150” and “flights from $127” … That is a BIG difference!

I clicked on their “Top 25 Deals” and found some pretty cool vacations. How about a flight from Miami, FL to Grand Cayman, it is only $125 plus taxes. Or if you would like to visit Europe (it’s beautiful this time of year!) you can hop onto Air India from New York to London starting at $247.

So, I think personally, I will be using Cheapoair to find my flights from now on. Because, as they say on their website; “One Click or Call Does It All!”

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