Change of Address

I don’t think I ever sent out “Change of Address” cards. I barely got my holiday cards out for that matter! This move has been hard for us – I really wasn’t ready to leave Jacksonville. I finally unearthed my craft stuff so I think I’m going to make a couple sweet Change of Address postcards to send to a couple family members who don’t have the internet (Alan’s Grandma and my Aunt live in the stone age still. My Aunt is actually worse than Alan’s Grandma!) I am always the last to get into things – but I have gotten into stamping a little, so I already have a “new address” stamp. I just need to pick up a couple blank cards and stamp markers (the thing ones) so I can make the cards all pretty.

I don’t know why I don’t just order them from like, VistaPrint. I know that I’ve spoken on this blog before about VistaPrint because I honestly love this company. They have great prices and fast shipping and they ship overseas (I got my last two sets of checks from them) so they are great if you are a military family with an FPO or APO box.

Here’s a great deal by the way, which got me thinking of VistaPrint in the first place (I know ya’ll LOVE my tangents!) – if you place and order and use coupon code “BlogAddress75” at checkout to receive 75% off address labels!! WOOT!

I am planning on getting a set of address labels from them soon. I just moved, so I obviously only have some with my old address back in Florida. Actually, I only have checks with either no address or the FPO box from Rota (I hardly ever write checks). So, I will be ordering some address stickers with our new address in Virginia Beach!

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