Celebrity Spotting

So, one of my online ‘friends’ went out on the town last night with some girlfriends and met one of the stars from Glee! I’m so excited for her! I never meet celebs for a couple reasons – one being that I never go OUT! The other reason is because I am SO LAME! I think I get star struck too easily – I see a celebrity and think “hey, that’s so and so” and instead of just ASKING like a normal person I get all stupid and WALK AWAY (occasionally snapping a not-so-covert photo). I’m lame.

I live in Hawaii – there are actual CELEBRITIES here! In fact – my current celebrity crush Josh Hutcherson was here only a couple months ago shooting scenes for Catching Fire (the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy). I was hiking over where they were shooting and I am CERTAIN I was a few feet away when he walked by. Did I see if it was him? NO!

Lame, lame, lame ………

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