Hot Mama in the Making: Begin Again

January 1st kicked off my "Hot Mama in the Making" weight loss new years resolution. As the month wore on I paid more attention to what I ate (still ate fast food – but ate less and ate as healthy as I could). I also tried to work out (unsuccessfully) and did little things like taking the stairs at school and parking a little further out.

On January 1st I was 219lbs – on January 30th I was 212lbs. That is a 7lb loss and I couldn’t be more thrilled! My goal for this month is 5lbs loss – lets see what I can make of this goal. I am hoping to have “Lose 10bs” as my goal for March – the weather should be warmer and it might make me want to hit the park with Xander more often. This winter weather just makes me want to sleep!

I have to admit though that “eating healthy” doesn’t always mean “eating” to me. I’ve had eating disorders in the past and I am quick to fall back into those bad patterns. I try not to though by keeping healthy (easy) snacks and meals in the house like shakes, frozen meals, fiber bars, fruit (grapes, apples), yogurt and lots and lots of cold filtered water.

What is your favorite healthy, easy snack for yourself?