… sucks.

Out of all the possible OCD’s I could’ve gotten from my family gene pool – why this one? Why couldn’t I have been an obsessive door locker? Something easy?


Sometimes I have this fantasy of just walking out the door and away from my family. I love them – but sometimes they make me want to die. Or at the very least punch a wall.

I am pretty sure I forgot to take my meds last night.

Sitting in the car with my two kids waiting for a table (or another plan for lunch) at a SUPER. CROWDED restaurant doesn’t bode well for someone who is crabby and unmedicated.

Just sayin’

“I jerk off to your daughter. Alot.”


Normal Dads:

Ben Harmon:

Heh …. Yeah …

Do Your Duty


Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day— so do the right thing and fuck a service member: active, former or retired.  

Halloweenie Hangover

I drank so much on Saturday that I’m STILL hungover … Oh. My. Poor. Stomach.

But at least BEFORE I began drinking (and taking off my costume …) I got some cute freaking pictures of my “mini-me” and I 🙂

The ways Kurt and Blaine look at each other ↳Part 4 ~ 2×22 New York – 3×03 Asian F

The ways Kurt and Blaine look at each other
 Part 4 ~ 2×22 New York – 3×03 Asian F