Hooray For Broken Laptops

Yeah, not really … I wrote out this long post for the blog the other day, then left the room to finish getting ready for work. Baby Girl (16 months) then apparently decided that the laptop better belonged on the floor. So, she knocked it off the side table.

I tried to turn it on but it wasn’t working right. I heard it trying to turn on – but wasn’t seeing anything on the screen.

Long story short – the monitor is broken. Which in my mind is way better than a hard-drive failure because I can replace the monitor; I didn’t have everything on the hard-drive backed up.

So, the Husband backed it all up – or it’s in the process of backing up as we speak. Might take awhile.

Urg … This sucks – but it could have been way worse!

Aside from having a broken laptop …. it’s been a nice couple days! It’s March 1st and about 80 degrees and super sunny! I guess I should get used to weather like this.

We got our orders to HAWAII!! 🙂

Stuffed Griffin (Taxidermy)

Isn’t this amazing? I was watching “Oddities” earlier tonight and was thinking how odd taxidermy is … I don’t like when people just kill animals for sport so I never really dug this practice. But there was a girl on the show who used “road kill” for her taxidermy projects. Makes me feel a little better 😉

I don’t think I’d like to have a regular old animal sitting there on a shelf looking at me. But I could deal with having something like the above pictured Griffin! How neat!

A Few “Resolutions” of Course


I never keep resolutions for New Years’ … Who really does? So, these are just some of my GOALS for 2012 (aside from freaking out because the world is going to end in what – 355 days?). Anyway … Here are some of the goals I have for 2012.

  1. Lose Weight – Sure, this one is a given. But the odds are higher this year because myself and a couple of my friends and I have a bet going. 40lbs by spring break. There is even $100 on the line here. Eek!
  2. Get Organized – I’m well on my way on this one actually. I’ve felt pretty driven to get more organized lately; and with the possibility of an overseas PCS looming I really need to stick to this goal.
  3. Read More – My goal is small really; just 12 books. A book per month. This goal seems pretty achievable! I’d like to read “The Hunger Games” as well as the biographies of Steven Tyler and Chaz Bono. Suggest a book for me please!
  4. Craft More – I feel the need to create; so I would like to at least begin Xander’s scrapbook (Xander will be helping). I would also like to do a few other things like some letters for Juliana’s room and a lamp made from a liquor bottle.

So yeah – there you go. What are some of your “goals” for the new year? Please share them with me in a comment!

IE6 Go Away!

I keep seeing web-dev geeks posting that IE6 is going away and no one needs to write code for IE6 and all that jazz …

Must be nice! My boss won’t reboot her computer – and thus, won’t update her browser! So …. the main web guy and I still write for IE6. IE6 is a horrible browser and sometimes I want to “accidently” turn my bosses computer off and make her upgrade. I won’t ever do it though – I just find her amusing sometimes. She’s a super smart woman – just not incredibly computer savvy.

Tumblr: Beautiful Hair Girl

Beautiful hair girl

She’s simply gorgeous! Her hair … I must figure out how to do hair like this!

Tumblr: The (real) To Do List

My friend Ashley posted this on his “Posterous” blog. (Which looks a lot like Tumblr … hmm). Anyhoo – it’s a great “to-do” list. I try and do a few of these everyday.

Especially “sing,” “smile at strangers,” and “laugh.”