Breakfast at the Park

Our playgroup had a breakfast at the park playdate this morning! It was a lot of fun, although a little chilly (my fault, I didn’t bring a jacket, lol). I wanted to post what was brought just in case another group wants to try this! As I receive/find recipes I will post them here (links open in new window).
Spanish Tortilla
Cinnamon Buns
Mini Blueberry Muffins
Cinnamon Cake
Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Orange Juice Boxes
Mini Chocolate Doughnuts
Mini Powdered Sugar Doughnuts

Don’t forget plates and napkins! Some forks and wet wipes would be good also!

Beautiful Day!

Today Xander and I went to a playdate at the park this morning – it was a BREAKFAST playdate so we got to eat lots of great stuff! I didn’t have a ton of food in the house, so I made Tortilla cuz it’s easy and super yummy!

I’ve also been working on my friends’ website today; trying to learn some cart software (I decided to download some WordPress cart plugins). The site is looking nice, just need to upload the PRODUCTS! That and I’m waiting for approval from the chicks on if they love it or not. I really miss designing, I love to do it … Just don’t have the time to do it all the time now.

It’s GORGEOUS OUTSIDE! I did a little gardening and now have the backdoor open and the screen blocking the kitty inside. SO NICE! Hope it stays!! Alan’s coming home at some point today, he went on an overnight and we’ve missed him. Not sure what I am making for dinner though yet. Leftovers probably, lol!

Shopping Irritations

I’m not asking for acne solutions here, I just need SIMPLE and cheap (better yet free) shopping cart software! I’ve tried Zencart and some Commerce.cgi program (both free) and I can’t figure out how to tweak anything! I’m really getting frustrated here. I usually have no trouble tweaking programs, I use a lot of cgi and database programs – I just can’t figure out cart software.

So what should I use? Simplicity is a MUST, price is a factor – I’d prefer free obviously, but I’m willing to pay some for quality. I’d like to be able to change the template and customize it completely. Okay? Help a girl out here!

Setting Up Shoppe(s)

I’ve been messing with different shopping cart software the past couple weeks. I’m trying to learn it so that I can offer templates and also set my two friends up with a kick ass website for their kick ass hairbow business (when they are up and running I will let you know, seriously – they have some adorable bows and clips!) Anyway … I cannot for the life of my figure out Zencart, so I’m downloading and installing software from Commerce-cgi. The demo stores are nice and it seems like easy software. I just want to learn something new I guess. I just don’t have the same patience that I used to have. I love to design websites, but I’m lazy, lol.

I’m hoping to make a ton of jewelry, wine charms, cell phone charms and BAGS to set up a table at a local craft bazaar with a couple friends (including the hairbow ladies, lol). The cost per table is $350 + so there will be 3-4 of us. This will be in addition to offering things online.

I am trying to list work at home/craft at home stores run by Moms over at my Atomic-Mama blog. Please let me know if you have one and I will try and link up.

While you are crafting, go check out some penny stocks – I mean, hey, why not?

Frito Pie

I honestly think sometimes that I need to seek addiction treatment for a food addition. My hubby jokes saying I’m quoting “Fat Bastard” when I talk about how I eat because I’m unhappy, but I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a pain in the ass, never mind a “vicious cycle” … I’m going to talk to my friend Melissa about maybe being a workout buddy. She has a Bally’s membership and recommends it. They have everything that Lifestyles (the gym I went to in Jax) have including childcare, classes and circuit training. I’m ready for a change … and I’m saying that after I shared a Frito pie with hubby. Sigh.

Tornado’s in Virginia

It’s been a wacky weather day (and night) for Virginia today! It’s been rainy and windy and generally icky here in the oceanside area, but in Suffolk there have been about three tornado’s that hit.

Three tornadoes destroyed homes and tossed cars and injured more than 200 people as they carved Monday through central and southeastern Virginia.

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine declared a state of emergency for the areas of southeastern Virginia struck by the twisters.

The National Weather Service confirmed that tornadoes struck Suffolk, Colonial Heights and Brunswick County. Meteorologist Bryan Jackson described Suffolk’s as a “major tornado.”

Records show that there have been only 11 tornadoes, none ranked higher than F-2, since 1950. This one could have been stronger, said Greg Forbes, a severe weather specialist at The Weather Channel in Atlanta.

From Pilot Online regarding Norfolk Naval Base:

Terri Davis, a spokeswoman at Norfolk Naval Station, confirmed that a funnel cloud spinning over the water came ashore at 4:45 at Pier 2, where the destroyer Normandy is moored.

The tornado traveled a short distance across the northwest edge of the base, she said. It caused no serious damage to ships or buildings, Davis said, but about 30 cars parked near the piers had their windows blown out.

“There is some damage, but superficial,” Davis said. “Operationally, the naval station is fine.”

Ron Avery, a civilian contractor who was working on Pier 4, said the waterspout seemed to be heading directly for the pier, but took a turn and roared down Pier 2 instead.

Avery said he didn’t see any damage, just lots of water swirling off a destroyer’s small flight deck.

Davis said alarms were sounded to alert personnel to take shelter indoors.

Avery said a tree along Hampton Boulevard near the main entrance to the naval base had been hit by a tornado and split down the middle. The falling tree took out a power line, he said. The road was temporarily blocked.

A tornado watch, which means conditions are favorable for the formation of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, also is in effect until 8 p.m. for all of Hampton Roads and northeast North Carolina.

Read more on the Pilot Online – our local newspaper. You can also check out continuing coverage on WTKR NewsChannel 3 from Virginia.