All Work and No Play

Screw that, even “parents” need fun sometimes! Alan and I took Xander over to my friends house last night so that the kids could all play (there were a total of 10 including the babies) and the parents could eat (lasagna, yum!), b.s., hang out and play Wii. I’m so happy that I up and joined a playgroup right away, because I’ve met some really awesome chicks.

Alan … poor Alan … I don’t think he’s that great at being in a social setting with 4 loud and obnoxious women – he was drinking with the boys and ended up laughing so hard at something someone said that I think some of his beer came out his nose. Something I would do actually, lol. We got past it and played several sessions of Wii sports and some shooting game.

I really would LOVE a Wii now. There are so many options in gaming for it, but the price .. PLUS, Alan wants a PS3 and that’s a ton of money also. Ain’t happening any time soon.

Alan woke up wanting a “quarter pounder with cheese” for breakfast (yeah, I let him sleep in until noon) so I say, ok … get me some nuggets. And some fries. And a double cheeseburger with just meat cheese and mayo. He brought me a Sprite also – good man 😉 Now we are all eating lunch/breakfast and watching the cartoon dvd Horton Hears a Who. We seriously need some more video and audio racks for all the entertainment we’ve collected over the years!

Crazy? I Was Crazy Once!

… and I swear I am again! EEK! Seriously, taking yourself off medication SUCKS. I’ve been on Cymbalta for almost a year now, and now I’m going off of it. I have to call and make an appointment to see if there is something milder to take instead, but for now – fun withdrawl. I have a headache, the walls are closing in, I am so MAAADDDDDDD, I’m shakey … trust me, it’s not fun. I’m just trying to get some blog work done and Xander is whining, whining, whining in my ear so it’s SO hard to work. The house is messy because apparently, I’m the one who has to pick it all up. How hard is it to pick up some papers that the kid knocks over when I’m not in the room? WHY DOES IT ALL HAVE TO BE LEFT FOR ME!?

The “Jobs”

Seriously, I think most moms (especially work at home ones) need a 48 hour day, lol … Taking care of the house and children of course, and then, depending on your business – networking, making calls, visiting blogs, returning emails, etc … I feel bad sometimes because with all that I do in one day I’ve honestly let myself “go” to the point where I feel like my self esteem has dropped. On the weight loss front I’ve tried several diet pills (not Orovo, but they sound good) and now since my face has broken out I’ve got a line up of facial creams, and acne wash to try and rid myself of the “13 year old” look.

Sigh. Being a girl is nerve wracking.

Bath Products for Baby

I LOVE bath products! I especially love products that smell great (lightly) and leave skin or hair feeling good. I’m extremely picky about stuff for my 3 year old especially. I picked up some of the Huggies clean team products for him just because he was ready for his own “cool” stuff. I got the hand washing soap, washable wipes (we ARE potty training right now!) and shampoo. They smell delish and he loves the characters on them. It’s “novel” without being overly “characterized” (No, I’m NOT buying Thomas or Dora SOAP! Sheesh!)

The soaps were gentle on his skin and he loved being able to easily wash his hands with the foamy soap. I prefer foaming soaps just because it’s so hard to get plain soap off little hands and I worry that he will just give up, get bored and like, put his fingers in his eyes or something. The handsoap features a hippo named Henry and has a twenty-second TIMER that blinks to make sure the kids wash long enough!

The wipes are flushable (yes!) and smell like yummy blue melon. They feature a cute flamingo named “Freddy” and sit on the back of our toilet (the “potty”) ready and waiting for a heinie to make clean!

The shampoo features “Sammy the Snake” (“Momma can we use the SNAKE shampoo!?”) and also smells like blue melon (gosh I LOVE melon scents!) and has an easy to open flip top and is gentle and tearless.

Check out the website and learn more, or look for the products in your local shopping place.

Too Late to Think

I’m so tired! I slept late, but then we went out to a friends house and hung out, we also did a ton of shopping (or, walking around the store aimlessly?) I bought an umbrella stand and Sims2 Kitchen and Bath – lol, I’m happy 😉

Tomorrow? Cleaning and potentially hanging out with some other friends at night. Monday is Cinco de Mayo – anyone have plans?

Some crafting needs to be done also in the next few days. My friend is making some baskets (not gift baskets though) for a craft bazaar, another couple friends make beautiful hairbows and I make … well, whatever – lol. Jewelry, wine charms, booty bags, etc. I’m just trying to make some money yo.

Help Stamp Out Hunger!

On Saturday, May 10, 2008 , the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) will collect food donations to benefit those at greatest hunger risk in an effort to fight hunger during the NALC’s annual Stamp Out Hunger! food drive.

The nation’s 230,000 letter carriers will be collecting food donations in more than 10,000 local communities and delivering them to food bank members of America ‘s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network and other hunger relief organizations. Last year the letter carriers collected more than 70 million pounds of food from generous Americans, bringing their impressive total to more than 836 million pounds since 1993.

Helping Stamp Out Hunger! is as easy as checking your mailbox. Just leave a bag of non-perishable food where your letter carrier normally delivers your mail. Your letter carrier will then pick up and deliver the food to a local food bank. Examples of non-perishable items include:

• Canned soup
• Canned meats and fish
• Canned juices
• Canned vegetables and fruits
• Boxed goods (such as cereal)
• Pasta and rice

This year, Campbell Soup Company and even the Harlem Globetrotters are helping out! Campbell is kicking off the 16th Annual Stamp Out Hunger! effort by donating one million pounds of food to food banks across the country. To help make the Stamp Out Hunger! effort a slam dunk, the NALC and Campbell Soup Company have teamed up with the legendary Harlem Globetrotters . They are starring in this year’s public service announcement using their unique brand of fancy footwork and hand-to-hand magic to showcase how easy it is to participate in the drive.

To find out more about the annual Stamp Out Hunger! effort in your community, ask your letter carrier, contact your local post office or visit