Christine Needs a Vacay

I seriously think that after all this is said and done Alan and I should leave the baby with a friend and take some cruises. Or, just one cruise I suppose. I’d really like to relax and have a nice buffet and show. Maybe even get a massage and get my toenails painted. I guess I just want a nice, long break from stress after all this moving is done.

Just take me away to some island paradise and let me sunbathe in the sand!

I like cruises … haven’t been on one in YEARS!

St. Augustine, Florida

I am trying to fit in everything that I want to do here before I leave. One thing that I haven’t done yet (and haven’t done in YEARS) is visit St. Augustine. I did a drive through there a few months ago because Xander couldn’t fall asleep. So, we literally took I-95 down, drove up and around the Castillo de San Marcos and took A1A back home. It was about an hour round trip. I love it there – it’s so beautiful.

There is some awesome history there being that it’s literally the “Nation’s Oldest City” – including antique shopping, which is a lot of fun. I don’t know anything about antiques, but I love to look at them. St. Augustine shopping.

They have a neat event going on the last Saturday of October and November (October 27th and November 24th) called “Uptown Saturday Night.” Galleries, antique stores and unique shops between Ripley’s Museum and the Mission of Nombre de Dios remain open late during the event. There is even free parking at the Nombre de Dios so you don’t have to fight to find a space. The event runs from 5pm until 9pm. It’s like a street party where you can meet the artists from the galleries, find book signings, hear live music, have some refreshments and find lots more to do. Sounds like a fun time!

There is so much else to see there also! There’s the Castillo de San Marcos which is a great old fort from 1672, there is Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, there is an awesome old cemetery (you know how I am about cemeteries!) and so much more. They even have ghost tours in the old buildings! I’m slightly obsessed with the place I think, lol.


My husband and I are moving (to Virginia, what you hadn’t heard yet?) and I know that the FAMILY (you know, the mob? I kid!) will want to visit us (they WILL) while we are up there. So, I went on a search to find a cheaper way to fly. Yeah, I’ve heard of those ‘other’ websites, but they never give me the best deal – I always end up going through the airline. Cheapoair has everything those ‘other’ places offer – air, hotel & car. But, when I actually tried it out (I searched for a November flight from Jax to LaGuardia, NY – which is a trip I will be taking soon.); one of the ‘other’ companies popped back “flights from $195”, Cheapoair came back with “flights from $150” and “flights from $127” … That is a BIG difference!

I clicked on their “Top 25 Deals” and found some pretty cool vacations. How about a flight from Miami, FL to Grand Cayman, it is only $125 plus taxes. Or if you would like to visit Europe (it’s beautiful this time of year!) you can hop onto Air India from New York to London starting at $247.

So, I think personally, I will be using Cheapoair to find my flights from now on. Because, as they say on their website; “One Click or Call Does It All!”

Yummy Food!

Alan and I took Xander over to Atlantic Beach to get some food at the Crabs Claw. We drove over 3 hours to get food there – we’re a little obsesed I think. Made reservations for 5:00pm for one of their awesome outdoor tables and ate our crab dip (and other amazingly yummy food) with a phenominal view of the ocean. Awesome!

I mean, it ain’t the Sahara hotel in Las Vegas .. but it’s pretty great! Just say’in 😉

North Carolina

Hi everyone! We (Xander and I) made it to North Carolina and are with hubby right now! 🙂 We hung out last night (6 hours driving = tired me) and today we drove up to the outlet stores and went shopping. I think we’ll try and hit the Crabs Claw tomorrow night/evening for dinner. We both used to work there – and they have AWESOME food! Not sure when Xander and I will be heading home. We want to spend as much time with Alan as possible before he leaves … Again!

I have someone mowing my lawn on Wednesday I think. I hope they don’t run over my plants.


I’m adding to the last post I made re. UK Travel! I want to talk some more, lol …. I need to make a new “Before I Die” list to add more places to visit and make sure I’ve marked off the places I have visited. I also really really want to start a Travelogue again (had one once, it died …)

I’ve visited Paris, France; the military area’s of Germany; Portugal (gotta do that again, bad luck on the first one); Gibraltar (wow! didn’t see the apes though) in Europe. I want to visit the UK (you didn’t know that?), Italy, Berlin in Germany, Prague and Holland (Amsterdam baby!) I also want to visit the Moulin Rouge in Paris just because we didn’t get to see it (baby and all).

I’ve been to several states in the US but I’d really like to hit MORE! Maybe take a cruise. Maybe hit Hawaii. California, Maine, Texas … I want to visit Mexico! Brazil!

I need to get out more …