New Jersey Shore Travels

Morey’s Pier
If you are looking for a cool place to visit and you are planning a family beach vacation at the Jersey Shore why not check out the Morey’s Piers amusement piers? The piers are located in Wildwood, New Jersey next to Cape May and not far from Ocean City and Atlantic City. So Mom & Dad can hit the shores and visit the casinos then take the kids on some super cool rides and enjoy some fun Wildwood attractions! The pier offers over 100 rides and even not one but two large beachfront water parks; there are also kid rides and roller coasters!

Save money by getting a pass to all three piers and the waterparks. A family of 4 costs $198.00 for unlimited admission for the day! They’ve got rides for little ones and big kids alike including racecars, a SkyCoaster, mini scooters and teacups, a kiddie train, a carousel, a tilt-a-whirl and many more. Like I said; there are well over 100 rides there – so everyone from Baby to Grandpa will find something they like. You can watch an interactive tour here!

This month (August) the piers open around 12:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon and stay open until 12:30am. The water parks open at 9:00am and stay open until 7:00pm. Keep in mind all hours are subject to change – your best bet is to visit the website for more details!

TripFLIX – Plan Your Vacation!


I had the opportunity to get a copy of a neat DVD called “TripFLIX” to review! TripFLIX is over two hours long and features twenty-five destinations, interactive trivia, games and even a blooper reel!

You start out on the menu with a map of the US where you have to choose your “Starting region” followed by your “Destination region” – you can choose from North, South. Since I live in Virginia, I chose “South” and since I would rather not venture out too far I also chose “South” as my destination! The video goes through various places that you can visit in the region including the Baltimore Orioles baseball field; “Rock City” in Georgia and space camp. I can think of a million other places to visit in the south but I’m FROM the south, so I guess I have that advantage!

Some other featured spots include Coney Island in New York, Atlantic City in Jersey (including Lucy the Elephant which our family has seen!), the Alamo in Texas, Metropolis (yes, think Superman) in Illinois, Mount Rushmore, Sea World, and the St. Louis Arch.


The movie kept my son’s attention for a bit; although he did start wandering around after about 20 minutes. I think that the movie would most likely be better for older kids (maybe older than 5 or 6) because the activities at each “attraction” are more geared towards those ages and above. All in all; the movie was cute; the two teen hosts were funny and I gleaned a lot of information from it. I could’ve done without the slightly annoying “trivia” sections between each feature … but, that might just be because I didn’t know ANY of the answers. I have to admit though that this movie was pretty cute and I did learn some new things. I have a bunch of new ideas where I’d like to visit (and take my kid) now also – so, mission accomplished!

You can get your own copy of TripFlix by visiting their website at and you can also view the “Grownups Guide” here!

You can watch the TripFLIX dvd trailer right here!

5th Annual Dark Sky Festival – Florida

I adore looking up at the stars. Ever since I was little I’ve wanted a telescope – I think I got the obsession from my Dad because he’s the same way. In Rota we were too close to the port and it was way too light to see them, but in Jacksonville and even here it’s dark enough – especially here!

If you like looking at the stars and are close to Harmony, Florida (which is kind of between the Disney resorts and Melbourne, around 40 minutes south of Orlando) then you need to check out the “Dark Sky Festival!” I lived in Florida for most of my life and then moved out around 5 years ago – and of course then this is the 5th Annual Dark Sky Festival! This sounds like a lot of fun and a beautiful experience!

Greg Golgowski, Harmony’s Conservation Director says: “As with the past four Dark Sky Festivals, patrons will be able to enjoy viewing the night skies through a variety of telescopes while enjoying music and food, stopping by numerous specialty booths, meeting astronomers and other scientists, playing in the Cosmic Kids Zone and so much more.”

The April 5th date was selected because it falls on the heels of National Dark Sky week (March 29 – April 4); where people in the United States are encouraged to turn out their unnecessary outdoor lights in order to temporarily reduce light pollution.

The Festival is free and open to the general public. The festivities will be kicked off at 7 pm by the Silver Clouds Community Orchestra followed by the Motown group, Rare Earth. For more information, please visit or call 407-891-8358!

Trusted Tours & Attractions

(That’s Alan and Xander on Lucy the Giant Elephant’s Toes! She’s in NJ)

I have the opportunity give some “buzz” to a travel company called Trusted Tours & Attractions that I’ve heard positive things about. So, since its cold (41 degrees) and rainy and is supposed to snow later tonight I’d like to talk about something that makes me happy – which is VACATION!

My sister lives in New York with her hubby and their son (who happens to be MY nephew!) I haven’t seen them since my AJ (my nephew) was around 5 months old – he’s now 14 months old. I miss them so much and I would certainly LOVE to take a vacation to New York right now. It’s obviously colder there then here, and I’m sure it’s snowing also; but I want to see them.
The last trip to New York was made in April – we drove up there to attend AJ’s Baptism & subsequent party for said Baptism. We stayed only 3 days and 2 nights but didn’t take any New York tours or anything while there. We then drove to New Jersey to visit with Alan’s Grandma (who is Xander’s GREAT-Grandma!) We stayed 5 days and 4 nights (if memory serves) and got to see Atlantic City (me gambling for the first time – just a dollar – and losing it!) and shop at the “posh” outlet stores up there.

SO – real quick let’s talk about Trusted Tours and Attractions, okay? They have a newsletter you can sign up for – in fact, right now you can get a chance to win a hand-held GPS system if you sign up! If you’d like to go on some sightseeing tours then they can hook you up also!

Road Trip!

I like to travel, and since hubby is in the Navy, we get to travel to places often. Right now we’re in Virginia – a place where I am DYING to check out the history. Think about it, this place is one of the original 13 colonies! Talk about history, right? There are so many places to see here in Virginia that you’d best check your Hotel Guide for a place to stay in order to take it all in!

One such place is the Cavalier Hotel, which was built in 1927 and sits on the waterfront and has seen its fair share of famous people staying in its rooms.

There is also Colonial Williamsburg, where you will find over 500 reconstructed buildings that have been restored to what they would have looked like before the American Revolution. You’ll see hundreds of locals in period costumes stroll along the cobblestone streets and be able to enjoy the many events and festivals held here throughout the year.

Another place I would like to see here is Chrysler Museum, which houses more than 30,000 pieces of art! Speaking of museums, we also have the Newseum (with its history of news and collection of newspapers from around the world), the Marine Science Museum and even the Pentagon!

Both Paramount’s Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens in Williamsburg are fantastic amusement parks, filled with enough rides to make you lose your voice. I haven’t been to Kings Dominion since I was around 6 but I visited Busch Gardens around 4 years ago. I plan on hitting both this summer if funding will allow me. I know Busch does an awesome thing for military members and their families by allowing them one freebie entrance to the park (including Sea World and Busch in Florida) per year.

In Roanoke, you will even find a giant star sitting on top of a mountain! The star weighs around 10,000 pounds and is almost 90 feet tall. (Not to mention tons of history and shopping).

If you are military, there is a GREAT chance you will end up here in Virginia! We’ve got several Navy bases (Norfolk, Little Creek, Oceana and Dam Neck Annex), an Air Force Base and an Army base!

I’ve got almost four years to check the place out and I intend to do just that!

Zoo Pictures

I promised that I would post a picture from the zoo! This was the last zoo trip we took while in Jacksonville. We went with our friends Mandy and Julissa and their children. I had never taken pictures of the animals at the zoo much less the kids, lol … So, I took a ton of pictures this time!

I have been told that the zoo here in Virginia isn’t so great. The Aquarium is supposed to be much better! We will see for ourselves in a few days 🙂

Anyway, more zoo pictures can be found here.