Computer Stuff

I’m kindof excited here researching external hard drives. They’ve seriously come down in price. I remember I paid around $120 for a 250 gig external hard drive a couple years ago, now – has a 500 gig external hard drive for $119! Sheesh! I know hubby wants another one, I still have the 250 gig one. They are good for backing up your files, just don’t let your kid near them. Xander was death to one of the externals.

Alan’s planning on building a new PC for himself and also one for me. So, he’s been researching a lot of parts lately. I’m just like, “here’s how much room I need” and “make it run fast enough to play Sims2” … I don’t ask for much really.

December Roundup

Welcome to December ladies and gents! December is the time for holidays, giving and cheer! December is also the time for eggnog! Lots and lots and lots and lots of eggnog! With rum! Or whiskey! Or any other alcohol you can toss into your big cup o’nog with your nutmeg! Wait, you say you don’t add the rum, etc.??? What’s WRONG with you!? How can you get through the holidays not alco’d up?!

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself since hubby hasn’t let me buy any ‘nog yet. I was trying a couple weeks ago. Now, it’s officially December and I think I can get some.

New layout on Starryskye’s blog! Yay! I used some scrapbook stuff I had saved. I will post the linky later.

I asked hubby if I could stay up late and play Sims2 – and he agreed. Hopefully, he agrees to let me sleep in tomorrow morning also! (He’s giving the baby a bath right now, he’s such an awesome hubby!)

Happy December!


I’ve been sorta working on another blog the past couple months. I write here and there because I’ve been busy working on this one and OohRah instead. The website is called “Christineisms” (for now) and is reviews, products, thoughts and of course some snark, lol! I’ve reviewed our Applebee’s dinner tonight on the blog, so go check it out. Otherwise, the main url for the new blog is here!

Yeah, I need to go to bloggers anonymous I think …

Tech Bargains

My hubby is a tech-geek; he even built our desktop PC we affectionately call “The Beast” (like, Frankenstein perhaps?). He bought most if not all of the parts for the PC online. It would have been nice to have a consolidated place to find all the bargains that we needed to build a cheap, but quality computer.

Tech Bargains provides everything from Bargain news, Email newsletters and even RSS feeds with up to the minute information that every techo-geek would love. I know my husband would love it because he already subscribes to a couple magazines that give information about the best of the best in computer programs and hardware.

I like the fact that they have reviews and comparisons of products that we might be interested in purchasing. All the big name stores are covered including Dell (including some handy dell coupons), Buy, New Egg (one of our favs) and even eBay. They have a news block on the main page that gives information about upcoming releases of products and also coupon codes for more than just “tech” (they have Shoes coupons and Restaurant discounts!). I was even poking around to find some cheap notebooks information for my mom who wants to buy a laptop.

So, anyone in your family will find what they are looking for here. I know I’ve bookmarked this website. I like it a lot and I know hubby will also.

Career Blogger?

I’ve been reading up on bloggers who make money using their website; be it by utilizing sites such as PayPerPost or PayU2Blog or using AdSense or sponsors. A few of my fellow “Posties” from PayPerPost made the list (of top money making bloggers) I was reading also. It honestly amazes me that you can make so much just from a blog.

What is it that is the key? Of course there is the content that the blogs provide. You don’t have readers if your content sucks. Networking I would think is a big part of it also – you have to draw people in. If they do not know your blog exists, then they won’t come visit it and in turn (hopefully) become a reader. I know the two ladies I mentioned who are on a top blogger list do the networking – I see them (and mentions of their blogs) everywhere!

I’m trying to learn from the “Pro” bloggers out there. So, I “google” and read all the articles I can find regarding paid blogging and monetizing your website. I don’t want to alienate my readers, certainly. Just maybe offer them a little more! 🙂


I haven’t had TOO many issues with my new computer with Vista. The thing that’s annoying me right this moment is, the computer went into hibernate for a minute for some reason – then, when it came back up the bottom toolbar is MIA. What’s up with that? I hate having to reboot while I am in the middle of something! Does the toolbar run away for you guys too? Stupid Vista …