Entrecard & Blog Friends

I’ve been SERIOUSLY lacking in the “visiting other blogs” … I apologize!! I’m getting back into the swing of things now that I’ve decided to say “Screw the NO CAFFEINE RULE” during pregnancy. I apparently need it to function. So, I’ll be visiting soon 🙂

Anyone read Post Secret from yesterday? It was excellent!

Working on the Website

I’m working (albeit half-assed) on a new theme for the blog. Most of the main graphics are done, it’s a revamp of the theme “Chameleon” and I chose it because I can put my “ads” on the top sidebar all by their lonesome – above the “fold” like everyone wants. I’ve still got some obvious tweaking to do – but I think it (the theme) suits my mood right now – ready for spring, but still gray and rainy. Heh. I’m so emo.

Mood Music: “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg.

Ah-Choo-ing, Diets and Grand (re) Openings!

Ah-choo is all me this morning. I accidently left the back door open all night (we have a screen door) and now my allergies are all over the place this morning! The watery eyes, the runny nose, the pile of tissues on the couch next to me. Blah …

I didn’t go to bed until around 2am last night, I had taken a nap when Alan came home so I just wasn’t tired. Boy I was tired this morning when Xander got up at 7:15am though! I talked him into hanging out with me and watching PBS, so I got to “sleep in” sorta until 9:30am (as much as you can with a whiney toddler jumping all over the place, but I take what I can get y’know?) – then, I got up and hit the coffee pot. Well, I didn’t HIT the pot – because that would’ve been very rude to the pot; I got myself some coffee (and some Stok shot!) so now I feel a little better. I also poured myself some Hollywood Miracle Diet detox/cleanse and am sipping away. Today and tomorrow I will be doing it just to make way for the healthy diet I am putting myself on. I won’t bore ya’ll with all the details here, I will be blogging about it more on my Beautiful-Ambition blog 🙂

On another “Grand Re-Opening” note, although it’s not all up and running yet – I’ve re-opened Starryskye Designs after a lonnggg hiatus! I’m so excited about it because the shop has been open since 1998, but then for the past year or so has sat dormant because I’ve just been so busy elsewhere. Well, I’m working on a GRAND re-opening very soon, but for now – go check it out and let me know if you think it’s pretty lol.

I am ALSO updating Atomic-Mama almost DAILY now! It’s turning into my more crafty blog and I will be combining in my scrapbook stuff into that blog also. It will also feature shop updates when I finally get my Etsy & WinkElf stores OPEN (I’m still in crafting process!)

Lots of stuff going on around here, I’m so very excited and blessed! 🙂

Refinancing Information

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Spring Time

I’m ready for a new layout & theme set for the blog. It’s springtime, so I’m in the mood for pretty colors and a more – I dunno – springy look? Something. We shall see … I’ve got a million other projects that I’m kicking around right now, a revamp of Starryskye is at the bottom of my list at this point.

I did re-do the main graphics on the main index page – starryskye.org/index.html – I’m really happy with it and I think it’s something that I can leave up for awhile. The last graphic set on that page I HATED – it was so, so fugly! But now it’s chic … A little “scrappy” but cool nontheless. Well, I think so at least 😉

Upgrading to High Definition

I’ve been hearing a LOT lately about HDTV receivers and upgrading to a full on HD television; I’m not really in the “loop” but I’m guessing that in a few (perhaps a couple?) more years everything will be broadcast in High Definition – so you televisions will have to be HD compatible. We only bought out television four years ago – and I’m pretty sure it’s NOT HD compatible.

So, I’m under the impression that in the coming couple years I will need to do some research on HDTV. I went back to a place I’d blogged about before, Retrevo, because they have some excellent comparisons to check out. You can find information regarding LCD televisions (I’d love a 25 inch LCD/Flat Screen for our bedroom!) and even the Plasma TV (which I won’t get because the Navy won’t ship them). A few of the nicer flat panels include the 40 inch Samsung LN-T4081 which is the first LED backlit LCD TV to hit the market and costs around $2500. The Sony BRAVIA KDL-52XBR5 52 inch LCD offers 120 Hz refresh and 1080p and goes for around $3200. The Toshiba 46LX177 offers 120 Hz refresh in a 46 inch LCD TV that gets mostly good reviews and is priced a little on the high side at $2400. The Syntax Olevia 242T is a 42 inch LCD TV that gets very high ratings and good reviews and can be purchased for a little over $700. Syntax has a brand new 1080p version called the 242T FHD that features fast pixel response and motion processing and sells for under $1000.

My hubby would LOVE a High Definition movie projector! He was playing with one from work the other day and was broadcasting the television on the ceiling! It was so cool, but they are so expensive! The top rated $4500 Mitsubishi HC5000 is one of the latest 1080p projectors while the lower priced, $1200 Epson Powerlite Cinema 720 which gets good reviews but only goes to 720p.

I think that in a couple years we might just be able to get a nice HD television! I mean, especially since you can only find television stands for flat panels! (I’m kidding!) By the way, I found all of this information on Retrevo, seriously CHECK IT OUT! I keep going back to research stuff because I know diddly about electronics. Computers I am good with – electronics; not so much.