How Fast Do YOU Talk?

Years ago my husband had some program that you could talk into the computer with and it would type the words for you. Problem was; his computer wasn’t that great so the program never really worked well for him. Cue almost 10 years later …

We’re updated now baby! We each have our own laptops, plus a Mac plus a PC desktop. I think you can safely say we’re a total Geek household. In fact, we’re always looking for things to play with and test out on our rigs! So, when I heard about Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred by Nuance I was very interested to learn more. First off; my husband was kind enough to let me know that this is the very same brand of software we used to play with on our old computer. So now that we have much better computers I’m sure it would work like a charm!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred
How much easier would blogging or writing a review be if I had Dragon Naturally Speaking on my computer? I get excited just thinking about it! It can be used with a lot of different brands of headsets (Bluetooth included!) and works with programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and even AOL. You can create documents, reports and emails faster than most people
type — with up to 99% accuracy. Surf the internet, create voice commands to quickly insert blocks of texts or dictate into a handheld device when you’re away from your PC, or use a Bluetooth microphone for the same great dictation results without the wires. With the “Preferred” version they even include a headset for you!

MacSpeech Dictate

There is a Mac version also; called “MacSpeech Dictate” – it is built on the same engine as Dragon NaturallySpeaking and works on your favorite Mac apps like Photoshop, Quark, iChat, Mail, iPhoto, Keynote, and more.

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking line varies from “Standard” up to “Professional” – so you can find the application for any budget. Think of time management here – how fast can YOU type versus talk? I know I can talk WAY faster than I can type. Wanna see? Click here for a Dragon’s typing speed test to see how you measure up!

Check out this video:

Check out this video also:

Welcome Back to teh Intarwebs Christine!

I had a ton of fun this past weekend; I had time to spend with my handsome husband and got time to relax in a hot tub whilst said handsome hubby took The Kid to the wave pool (thank goodness for indoor water parks!). I’ve decided that I want a hot tub now – we won’t get one until we’re done with Navy life – but oh LORDY it was nice!

The weekend was spent with mostly no ‘net – I got online to do a post and drop some Entrecards; but other than that I was offline for the duration. Friday night until Sunday early afternoon we were at the hotel. Afterwards we took a drive around Historic Jamestowne and also walked around the ruins. It was freaking awesome and I hope to get my photos uploaded soon!

So, apparently while I was away Goog did some updating again. Starryskye is still a PR NOTHING. I don’t expect to ever get it back because I told Goog where to “stick it” when they exchanged my PR4 for a PR0. I haven’t even checked the other blogs yet – one of them was a “1” but I am not telling which 😉 Starryskye still has an Alexa of 96,728 which I am happy about. I could use more readers though and I’m working on that – more content, more photos, more “hey look at me!” … You know … 😉

Okay so I’m off to work on a few projects both online and off … Cya later alligators!

Applying What I’ve Learned

I’ve been literally checking my blogs and trying to apply as much as I can from what I’ve learned in the past week regarding better content, getting more links/clicks, better design, and not “putting all eggs in one basket.” So far, so good I think. I’ve been reading other blogs on blogging (blogging blogs? blog blogs? I dunno …) and I’ve been taking even MORE notes and trying to apply them!

WordPress Plugins:
Admin Theme Preview, Askismet, Comment Luv, Comment Timeout, Bookmark This!, Dofollow (not sure about keeping this one), Drop Down Archives, Goodshelf, MyBlogLog, One Click Installer, Sociable, Text Link Ads, TTF Titles, Twitter Tools, Vipers Video Quicktags, All in One SEO Pack (which I have ZERO clue how to use), CForms and WordPress Automatic Upgrade.

I need to install All in One SEO on my other blogs and also install CForms because it’s super easy to use. I’ve also been told to use Bad Behavior, Top Commentators, Google Analytical, and Google XML Sitemaps (seriously, you can find em all here).

What is your favorite WP plugin? What are you working on right now with your blog? Content? Design? Technorati or Alexa? Google PR? Inbound Links? Hits/Visits? Bounce rate? How are you working on it?

On a side note; I’ve realized that one of my not-so-public blogs that I’ve never run any paid postings or any reviews (paid or not) has a PR 1. So, I’ve been adding more good content and sucking up to Goog by adding adsense. I’ve also joined a few niche affiliate links and will be using those to add good content.

Okay, really quick I’ve gotta give props to Katy for her “Race for Rank” series on her “I’m Blogging That” blog. It’s an excellent resource and Katy talks writes in easy to understand terms. Check her blog out m’kay?

Alright folks – I’m out! Stumble this please – I’d LOVE to hear more opinions y0!

Ooh … NEW RULES is on Bill Maher .. I’m outie …

Domain Re-Sale

I’ve never tried my hand at domain re-sale before; it can be lucrative only if you manage to get a GOOD domain name. But all too often then are already taken and sometimes up for re-sale already (and jacked up in price). The “.me” extension has become available so I invested $43.98 for 2 years worth of “” – why?? – because the .com, .net, .org and every other extension was already taken! So, apparently, someone wants it. Plus, *I* wanted one because I planned on doing something with it. Now, I’m going to try and pop some advertising up there and build up some pr for it (google or otherwise). Hopefully, I can break even in two years – or better yet – make a nice profit. Time will tell!

Looking for Rare Music Finds?

Okay now; anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows I am a HUGE music fan – I have been listening to “anything and everything” for pretty much my entire life (thanks Mom!) In fact, what seems like a million-internet years ago I used to have a music lyrics website; then I got lazy and decided to close it because I didn’t have the time to maintain it – especially when I started blogging! Plus, there are many many other avenues of obtaining music on the ‘net!

While doing my daily “scan” of the internet I came across a really cool website called that promises to bring you rare cd’s and singles along with rare vinyl records and memorabilia (omg, yes, Vinyls!!). These items can fetch a pretty penny now; imagine … leafing through your mom’s old record collection and finding an original Sgt. Pepper record (mint, including the “poster” thing inside) and thinking … man, what a great album! Back in the 1980’s it wasn’t thought to be much, but that album is worth well over $300 now!

I’m sorta kicking myself because back in the mid-80’s my cousins lived across the street from Robi Rosa (either during or before “Menudo” fame). He also had a solo career and collaborated with former Menudo bandmate Ricky Martin on some of his big hits! Talk about a “connection” right? Alas … no autographs were asked for … But can you imagine?

I think about a band I know now (well, I know one of the singers actually – have since high school). I’ve got yearbooks with this person’s photo, photo’s of this person, not to mention I purchased their demo LP off their website when it came out (I also have a poster which I hope my friend will sign for me along with his band-mates). Imagine the garage band you followed in high school hitting it BIG (which I know they will) and years from now what original photos and LP’s would be worth? Maybe in 20 – 30 years I will find my friend’s music on!

One particular band I did a search for while on the website was Nirvana … I LOVE me some Nirvana! I have a lot of their stuff, including a couple rare ones. (I don’t plan on parting with them any time soon either!) I was really excited to see that had the 1998 vinyl release of “Nevermind” (you know, the album that single handedly ushered in the Grunge era?) What a cool find! also has the rare “Hormoaning” cd (6 tracks) that was sent to Japanese radio stations back in 1992. Very cool website – tons of variety; be sure to check it out!


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Good Cell Phone Ideas

Okay readers … I’m in the market for a new cell phone. I’d LOVE the iPhone, but I do not make enough money for that, lol. SO – I’m looking for something that is small (but not TOO small) and can connect to the internet easily. I like to text – but do not need the “full keyboard.” I basically want to be able to go anywhere and text blog (and occasionally send in photos to the blog).

The caveat? I have AT&T where all they push is the iPhone.

Help me out! What phone do you have and what do you do with it? My contract with AT&T is up in July, so I am certainly not opposed to switching companies. No T-Mobile though – because they get hardly any reception here in VA-Beach.

Thanks in advance ya’ll!! 🙂