Another Day, Another List

I need to get moving because I have a ton to do today! Dropped my Xander off at Angie’s as usual (she watches him in the morning before his Pre-K begins and afterward until I get him after I get out of school ~ for this I adore her BTW) … Got some more Physics work done (I have an 84% which AMAZES ME since I keep bombing tests but acing the actual work). Tomorrow is the Physics FINAL so I have to study tonight. I have a ton of errands and chores and work to do today though. Here’s the list:

  1. Immunization Record for Xander
  2. Get Xander from Pre-K
  3. Grocery Shopping
  4. Thrift store / Dollar Store
  5. Finish up and launch Lisa’s blog template.
  6. Fix alignment on Lisa’s twitter background.
  7. Finish coding and update client on website.
  8. Branded twitter page for Heather.
  9. Finish layout for new portfolio.
  10. Layout for Tammy’s website.
  11. Contact Noel about kitchen blog redesigns. (hmm .. maybe Thursday)
  12. Plan tomorrow. Plan Thursday.

I think I’m going to need some Dew … Oh! If you are heading to IzeaFest in a few days and need your Twitter page branded please give me a shout – I charge $10 flat fee for a great personalized, branded page!

Send Us to #BlogHer’10 in NYC!

My best bloggy buddy Lisa told me the other night that she entered us (via video) into a contest hosted by The Mabelhood (Mabel’s Label’s). The winner gets full conference sponsorship, transportation (up to $800 each), one shared room at the Hilton (BlogHer location) for 3 nights!

We. Want. To. WIN! Seriously! Look at us — who wouldn’t want us two adorable ladies at BlogHer’10 !?!?!


I mean – we rock! We both love meeting people and networking, both are complete Tweet-whores (well … I am at least … lol), both Social Media mavens, both extremely friendly and amusing and both have gorgeous blogs (designed by Starryskye Designs even!)

We want to meet all the amazing (a-MAY-zing) ladies (and dudes) at BlogHer! We want to learn from them, share with them, PARTY with them and get the hell away from our children and hang out with ADULTS!

So please Mabel’s Label’s …. so it in your heart to look at Lisa’s cheeseburger (CheeseburgHer ?) party hat and know that she (er … we) is/are the winners!

Ps. We will send baked goods if needed!

Pps. Remember – #BlogHer’10 – Lisa & Christine – tell your friends!

Introducing … A New PayPerPost!

Thanks to my friend (and Izea Insider) Lisa I got an Alpha code to try out the new PayPerPost v4.0! I’m excited because it’s completely different from the old PPP – a total revamp of the system. This version of PayPerPost REQUIRES disclosure – meaning – you have to share the fact that you are being paid to post. No more “shady” dealings that make the Google-Gods frown.


The way it works is this. You sign up for the new PPPv4 (right now it’s alpha testing only) and you add in what blogs you would like in the system. For me – I added this blog, Starryskye, along with my parenting blog Then you wait for opportunities (“opps”) to come to you! No more quick finger CAPCHA’s and trying to snag the higher paying posts on the old PPP. No way – this time you are handpicked for opps! That makes me feel like when I get an opportunity – the advertiser really wants ME to write for them. It’s not like – “ooh there’s a nice opp!” and you click the opp and do the (annoying) CAPCHA only to find out … someone beat you to it. No opp for you! The “old” was is so disheartening. This way – I feel – is much, much better.

Here is what is written on the website:

Bloggers are free to write or say whatever they want. PayPerPost has no restrictions on how bloggers express their genuine thoughts on an advertiser’s product or service. PayPerPost will neither withhold payment based on a negative conversation, nor do we allow advertisers to force bloggers to edit their post to remove critical statements, ever.

I’m sure there will be more information posted as time goes by. I am especially looking forward to learning more at IzeaFest this year (will YOU be there?!). This is something new and completely different – and I am so proud to be a part of the alpha testing! If you would like an alpha-code so you can try out this awesome new system be sure to visit the official Izea blog and leave a comment!

You can follow PayPerPost on Twitter @PayPerPost

You can follow ME on Twitter @Starryskye81

This was a paid opportunity from PPP v4 – it is however, a REAL opinion!

Beginner Twitter Tips

I’ve noticed that a lot of my fellow web club (oswm) members are coming omboard and getting onto Twitter! I’m so excited about this because I’m always talking about how awesome Twitter is and how it’s a great way to not only meet people online, but also market yourself to the “masses” of people online!

One thing I have noticed also is that a lot of knew Twitter users don’t bother to upload a picture (or logo) – this needs to happen! More people will take notice if you have your logo or photo on your profile.

Another good thing to do when you sign onto Twitter is to brand your profile. Don’t know what I mean? Check out my Twitter profile. That’s me there – along with links to my blogs. It’s not hard to do – but if you do not have graphics experience there are plenty of places you can go to get one for little to no money.

Another tip is don’t just post blog/site updates, sponsored links and other spammy-like stuff. You will get unfollowed faster than you can say “tweet” – I promise you that.

Make your “tweets” personal as well as pointed. You will have a good time on Twitter, just don’t take it so seriously! Relax – it’s just Twitter!

Web Hosting Geeks

I need to mark my calendar for upcoming “domain name expirations” because I forgot to re-up one of mine. But – thankfully, it expired today so I was able to snag it back. I have to complain though because I really hate paying $10 a year for my domain names. Aren’t there any cheaper places?

I did a search and came up with a website that has a list of budget-friendly domain hosts – (here) – and was actually pretty impressed with their list. I worry a little about the whole “get what you pay for” thing. If I find a cheaper web host will they provide me with good customer service? How about cpanel (because I’m a darn dirty cheater when it comes to installing things)? I also need a host that can handle multiple domain hosting because I have around 6 active domain names right now. I need a good deal of room for all my blogs, pictures and various other things also.

The website I found, Web Hosting Geeks, is a good place to start a search for a good host. They pretty much did all the research already and put it in list form along with ratings and reviews. Users can even add their own reviews for the hosting companies – which is really nice because then you don’t have to worry that the “lists” are just in order of “who pays the most affiliate kickbacks” because a lot of the companies on the list don’t even have an affiliate program.

It’s good information – so check it out.

Workin’ It Baby

I’ve spent the better part of the day updating blogs – like … three of them! It’s work – but it’s work that I absolutely love. Right now – I’m working on gaining more followers on Twitter, updating Atomic-Mama and trying to gain more readers and finding a pace to update JustSayOohRah with useful and interesting news about military life. So far – so good.

I signed up for a couple viral twitter things where I am supposed to gain followers quickly. It’s not QUICK – but it is effective. I’ve also been searching for fellow Tweeps that have the same interests as me – mainly – military wife, military life, navy wife, blogging …. Stuff like that. I’ve been using Friend or Follow which is a great way to keep track of who follows you back.

For Atomic-Mama I’ve just been making it a point to post interesting articles. That and updating Twitter when I post. I’ve also been utilizing the awesome that is ForumFinder. My friends there are great and incredibly helpful.

On JustSayOohRah I’ve also been trying to post each day (give or take) and post something of high interest for military members and their families. I’ve also connected the blog to my Twitter account.

As far as recent projects go I’ve finally got my PORTFOLIO up! Yeah! I can now be found at – you will find all sorts of web designs, projects and “stuff” that I’ve made on that website. Check it out!

AND … I created the *official* Organization of Student Webmasters (OSWM) Twitter account! So if you are interested in club updates (and if you are in the club you should be!) you can check it out!