Cute Graphics & WordPress Templates

Lemme tell you about where I got my new Halloween layout/theme. Nickel n Dime Graphics! Seriously, the owner – Arista – has some adorable graphics and super cute templates for WordPress. AND – her prices are super great! I paid $5.00 for this super easy to customize template. Only things I changed were the words on the icon to the left (with my name) and the header! Go give her a visit!

More Pinky Lee

So, I installed SIMS2 on my new laptop … and I realized that, contrary to my hubby’s belief – there is NOT enough memory on this thing to run it without it being all wonky. That and, there is a 140GB hard drive and there is approximately 4GB’s left. What. The. Hell? It came with 8 metric tons of software, so I’m going through and deleting things. It’s so annoying though. I paid $1100 bucks for this thing. DELIVER!!


I am not great with cell phones. I’m one of those people that use the phone as a PHONE (as opposed to a calendar, text messenger, mp3 player, etc.). So, if I’m like this, I can only laugh when I think of my parents using cell phones. My Mom is pretty tech savvy, but like me, she likes simple cell phones. My Dad, however, isn’t tech savvy at all. He can use the cell, but he has a hard time hearing things through it.

I keep seeing a commercial for a company, Jitterbug which specializes in Senior Cell Phone. Their program looks awesome! Their phones have huge buttons and a cushion on the ear piece for better hearing. The operators are there to help you add numbers to your calling list even! They even claim to have easier to hear (and most likely less annoying) ring tones and brighter screens.

Their cell packages start at only $10.00 a month (which is awesome, because who wants to spend a ton on their cell plan, I don’t!). It’s great if you just want your cell phone as an emergency cell phone!

The service is available just about everywhere in the United States. So, everywhere you go, you can be sure you will have coverage.

iDidn’t Spend the iMoney!

While I don’t have an iPhone (much to hubby’s chagrin might I add) I do have a phone that my toddler LOVES to get ahold of, so I’d like it to be protected from various attacks. I have a nice leather cover that seems to be holding it together; it’s pink like everything else I own.

People are NUTS about that iPhone, aren’t they? I mean this phone (mp3 player, calendar, etc.) is well over $600! How are these people affording that? I know I can’t! If I did happen to get one you better believe it would be wrapped up in some crazy strong carry case at all times. I’d be so afraid I’d break it. So, if you are one of those people who actually own one of these iPhones, make sure to get some iPhone accessories for it? Okay?

Introducing, Pinky Lee

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJoining the pink Geek family of iPod (Renee), iPod stereo and pink encased Razr phone – I’d like to introduce Pinky Lee! She’s my brand new Sony Vaio! She was purchased a couple days ago from AAFES because the Navy Exchange wanted around $700 more! She came with a nice pink case and a cute little pink mouse. She’s a beauty (flawed, because of Windows Vista – lol). I’ll love her and squeeze her – because she’s all MINE! And Alan cannot touch her! mwa ha ha!! (He’s got his own darn laptop!)

Computer Talk

… like coffee talk – but without the coffee. You know? Heh … We’ve been talking computers lately. He plans on building a new desktop (we’ve got an “Alan Original” now, but it’s “outdated” – ya know) – we’ve already bought the case for it. We will be most likely selling off the old one … then buying new parts for the new one. I want to try my hand(s) at detailing cases, so I will be using a plain white dell-type case we aquired.

I’d like a laptop. I’ve been wanting one for awhile and I’ve found one I like (a Sony Vaio) that I’m just waiting to see if it has a cardreader built in. Otherwise, it’s a no go.

Not sure if we will be upgrading the monitor for the desktop. Perhaps a viewsonic monitor? Hmm.