WP Network of Blogs Option

So, I tried to use the built-in “network” (i.e. multiple) blogs option but failed. I’m not exactly sure what I did incorrectly either. Kinda bummed as this would have made it easier for me to run blogs with a single database instead of the many databases I currently have.  Oh well … Maybe I will play with it another day.

Geek-ness Blocked

geek-girlSo, I just finished with a class on ASP.NET and Visual Studio and was all excited to create a website based on my learnings. Of course – then I realized I have a UNIX based hosting account. I need the Windows based hosting account in order to publish .aspx files. Considering the fact that I have 5 websites hosting on my account and they are pretty much all SQL-database driven I will not be just changing over my account. I don’t even know what kind of damage that will cause. Ugh!

I’m thinking though of transferring my ChristineBrandt.net domain to another hosting place so I can put just that one on the Windows hosting plan. That will give me a chance to learn a Windows based server (which I’ve never used before).

I know this is all GEEK SPEAK to most of my readers and I am sorry, lol … Just trying to vent a little here and get some feedback. I’m trying to learn the most I can learn here!

OH – speaking of Geek Speak – my friend Dan posted this awesome link to an interactive film made by a man named Chris Milk (and apparently some Google buddies). You have to view it on Chrome browser though. It’s really neat and features WebGL which is a web-based Graphics Library. It extends the capability of the JavaScript programming language to allow it to generate interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser. Great. Yet another thing I want to learn now!

That cute dog tag? Find it here!

iPhone and iPad Apps Quickstart Guide

Ever wanted to create iOS apps? Can you really do it? Don’t you need to have ninja programming skills? This quikstart guide helps you figure out what kind of apps you can create, what you should know about creating apps including some best practices when hiring a developer.

Download => iPhone, iPad Apps Quikstart Guide

Article from Blog Energizer – thought it would be helpful!

I’m Too Sensitive

Today I received an “A-“ on an assignment. I totally and completely wanted to THROTTLE my teacher for that. Do you think I’m being too sensitive? I personally think I am … I saw that grade in my email and stood right up, stalked up to his desk and said “is there any particular reason I received an A- on that assignment?”

The reason? Instead of putting copyright information at the bottom of each of my website pages I put “Back to Top.” Okay – no problem – that was a mistake on my part I suppose – it’s completely fixable. But – since I’m rather bitchy and hormonal lately I said to him “Soooo, if I change that footer to copyright information will you change my grade to reflect that?” and he said yes. So, I changed it.

My teacher is not a “Web development” teacher – he’s a Programmer (and he is supposedly a good programming teacher). But as far as grading web design projects he tends to pull the grades out of his ass. He gives no “constructive” criticism. He just gives grades. Thankfully, I have two other teachers who are awesome and give me feedback (I also have awesome web development friends who help me a lot also).

I just … ugh, I don’t know … this teacher just SERIOUSLY annoys me. Not to mention I’ve had a helluva week … Anyway – here’s the website in question (I know there are some browser compatibility issues). What do you think?

Fusion Cafe screencap

The “live” website: http://christinebrandt.net/CIS455/FusionCafe/

Trying My Hand at Affiliate Marketing

So – I’ve been doing my homework here. I’ve read some eBooks, chatted with my awesome affiliate marketing friends (although there are a couple more I need to pick the brains of) and have decided to try to make an affiliate website/blog. I’ve been working on a military weddings website and am slowly adding some pre-written PLR content alongside content that I’ve written. I will be adding in a store along with some local and e-businesses that I’ve used or have been used by friends of mine.

Really niche-y you know? Hopefully it goes well and I will keep you all posted. I am in desperate need of some ‘residual’ income!

But – for those marketing types that read this blog – what WordPress template do you recommend? I like things that I can tweak and add my own graphics to – but I want to be able to easily ad affiliate links and Adsense to the website.

What was the very first thing you did when you decided to start your own affiliate website?

Finding Your Blog’s “Niche”

This post is part of my “Building Your Blog Traffic” series – read the first post here.

Blogs that tackle a specific and limited range of topics generally tend to outdraw those with a more scattered approach. Blogging within a particular niche is usually the best way to experience success. However, there are limits to this idea. If you choose a subject area that is too limited, the potential for high-volume traffic is reduced. Alternatively, if you opt to blog in a well-covered subject matter you risk getting lost in the shuffle and not finding a regular readership.

Two examples of the above include creating a site about say collecting something like angel Beanie Babies (lol .. yes that is an often collected item right?). Anyway … if you begin a website all about colleting the angel Beanie Babies and expect to get thousands of hits a day your expectations may be a big overzealous. On the other hand – if you start a website about the Twilight saga you will get lost in space because there are already hundreds of thousands of websites out there about this topic.

There is no secret formula that will yield the perfect niche for your blog. There are, however, some guidelines you can follow when selecting a blog topic that
will help lead you to a choice that has good traffic potential.

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