Not Good for the GPA

Dunce Today I took (and bombed) my first test in Database I class. But – luckily for me just about every other student did also! So, I don’t feel completely dumb since I wasn’t the only failure. I studied – read the chapter – reread the chapter, etc ….. My teacher has decided that since we all suck (I’m kidding … sorta) that she is going to throw out the lowest test score. SO – we can’t fail anything else (her words, not mine). She is also going to provide a study guide for the next test – which will make it way easier for me to study. At least then I will know what kind of questions will be on the test which will be easier than trying to study (read: MEMORIZE) the chapters just to get a decent grade on the test.

At least this is the only class that I have this term. Kinda makes it like a vacation for my brain.