Book Buying Today

I began reading (for the 4th time) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but I just needed SOMETHING NEW. So, today I hit up Barnes & Noble for some new reads.

I was told by a waitress at Yanni’s (my fave local Greek restaurant) that if I liked the Twilight saga and Vampire Diaries to check out the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. So, today I picked up Dark Lover (the first in the series) by J.R. Ward. It’s listed as a “paranormal romance” series which scares me a little since I am really not into romance novels, but hey – a tip is a tip!

I also picked up My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands by Chelsea Handler because I think she’s HILARIOUS. She’s got two other books and I will read those eventually.

I also snagged a few books for Xander – two first reader books and on hubby’s request Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday to go with our other “Alexander” book.

I was thinking of purchasing Hooked on Phonics for Xander – but then I figured I would work up my own from the reader books I’ve been buying and the internet. I know I learned to read pretty early and my Mama sure wouldn’t have used Hooked on Phonics. I just remember reading with my parents as well as working in workbooks and such.

Got any good “learn to read” links for me to bookmark?

Not Completely Over, But Close

Today my group and I presented our BIG project in Systems Analysis and Design. It was a MONSTER … Final page count was over 150 and there were 35 PowerPoint sides in our presentation. Another group totally owned though – I’m crossing fingers we get a ‘B’ on it. Tomorrow I have two (not yet finished) projects due for my Flash/Action Script class. I just am so burned out that I have no interest in finishing them. All that I really need to do for the one is add transitions and music; for the other transitions, music and video. Those items aren’t the easiest in the universe either … Tomorrow is our final exam also in that class – so hopefully I will be able to finish the projects, do well on the test and have a short leadership meeting after class for the web club. Not that I don’t heart the web club – but I have a doctor’s appointment that I made three months ago and completely forgot about. So, rush … rush … rush!

But – deep breath – this term from hell is almost OVER! So happy about that! Next term I am slated for Web Interface II and it’s corresponding Lab class. Should be cool since it will be site design and not limited projects that suck the life out of me in this term. I like Action Script – I just didn’t have enough time to really LEARN it and play around with it this term. Some classes I really wish were longer than five weeks. Others (like Systems Analysis) I wish didn’t even exist. I have to keep in mind my Bachelor’s degree is in Computer Information Systems and not just “web geek” so I really do need to learn the other stuff. It’s just too bad that the other stuff can be SO BORING at times!

Associates of … oh not just yet!

Today tomorrow marks the end of my last term at ECPI as an Associates of Arts degree student! I passed my Code Design and Debugging class and since that was my last class that means that I’ve qualified to receive my Associate in Arts in Computer Information Systems! This is a BIG deal to me since no one (nope – not even me) thought it would ever happen. Last time I was in college it was around 8-9 years ago and I got so burned out that I dropped out with 2 math classes remaining. Not smart – but it was what was needed to be done at the time.

Monday I begin a new term and a new class – 2d Graphics (better known as Illustrator) which I am SO VERY EXCITED to learn! I can finally put my graphics tablet to good use!

So – if I owe you some work be patient. Finals week is always a little hellish – but now that it’s done (for now) I can actually get some work done!

Goodbye Programming Class! I will see you again in a few terms!

Being Smart Doesn’t Equal A Good Teacher

So, I have this instructor at my school. He’s a programmer by trade – not a teacher. He has a thick (Russian?) accent and likes to speak to students like they are dumb. He’s smart … incredibly smart … but when it comes to teaching he’s awful.

Students at my particular college pay thousands of dollars for classes – it’s a technical school. So why does my mid-term consist of me going through a chapter that hasn’t been taught yet – creating 10 slides worth of Power Point and doing a presentation? Doesn’t that mean the students are teaching the class? So shouldn’t we be getting paid?

Not to mention the fact that he didn’t have us sign up in advance for the topics we would be discussing. So I’m sure there will be 10 people doing the same exact presentation.

This kind of crap makes me angry. I realize he’s new to teaching (at the school) but c’mon! This really has nothing to do with the fact that programming isn’t my forte. I understand it for the most part – it just bores me to tears and it’s definitely not something I want to do for a living. But this mid-term is insane. I don’t want to get up and teach the class a chapter that I haven’t been taught. I want the TEACHER to teach me the chapter. I don’t pay a thousand dollars a credit hour just so I can teach a class. It’s ridiculous!

But – unfortunately – I have a 3.9 GPA (grade point average) and I feel like keeping it. So I’ve got a freaking chapter to read and a Power Point to create (and a freaking mid-term TEST to study for). Wish me luck!

Get Your Kids Ready for College!

I happen to know that as an “adult” college student – money is extremely tight! I couldn’t even imagine being a teenager straight out of high school going to college and also keeping track of my budget, feeding myself and maintaining a good grade point average. Any help that the young college student can get is good. Keep it within limits though – you want to teach them to be independent!

Where can a young college student earn money? They can work at several campus spots including the bookstore, eatery or serve as the Resident Advisor. Students can also get part time jobs at grocery stores or fast food restaurants. But – most of the time should (in theory – maybe not in practice) be spent studying and spending time with friends.

In order to save money, college students (including adult ones!) tend to stick to simple foods such as the famous Ramen noodles and spaghetti along with hamburger helper and if they are so lucky – Crockpot stews. College students need to realize that coupons exist for this reason also!

Mom and Dad can help though (of course!) Sears and KMart have these awesome gift cards (purchased in-store) that are distributed to both the student and parent. Parents can load funds onto the card online, in a store, or in a student shop at their local Sears and Kmart stores.

Are you on Facebook? Check out the CampusReady on Facebook application that Sears has created to help assist you and your college student to be “Campus Ready!”


For my readers who are helping your children make the transition to college, visit to find everything they need for their new dorm room in one place! Get “campus ready” with Sears CampusReady!


Flash! Ah-ah!

Okay … had to take that opportunity to quote a Queen song. Sorry ’bout that! I just wanted to post an update on school and my classes this term. I am taking “Storyboarding for Animation” which is an introduction to Adobe Flash and basic flash creation. Our assignment today was to create a 468×60 banner and I am working on one for my Advertisements page. I figure I may as well make something useful right? I can only work on it in school right now because my Flash is ‘lacking’ on the upstairs computer. Working on going legit you know …

Anyway – the class is alright … The teacher is extremely difficult to understand what with his thick accent and his soft voice. That and the school’s servers are in the same room so it just creates more noise which makes the teacher even harder to hear. Plus – it’s very “straight from the book” which is one of those ‘classroom in a book’ type books. Might as well be teaching myself here. Oh wait …

The other “class” I am taking is a “Project II” class which is basically me making (designing & deploying) a website for a client. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear from said client and was told today that said client NEVER replies. Great! My friend (and employee of my school) is looking into this and will hopefully get to the bottom of it. I don’t want to waste my time on someone who obviously doesn’t want a site.

Ugh … I have a headache again. And my neck and shoulders are killing me. And my husband is ‘napping’ on the couch. And it’s almost bath/bedtime for Xander. Ugh!