St. Valentines Massacre Launches Tour

Screamo band St. Valentines Massacre launches tour, CD in New Port Richey

By Logan Neill, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Friday, June 26, 2009

For the Spring Hill heavy metal band St. Valentines Massacre, the big time is calling.

Once a popular area club band, the quintet is looking toward a busy summer on the road to promote its first full-length, major-label CD,Awakening.

The band’s inaugural tour, which kicks off Saturday with a concert and CD release party at the Bourbon Street Concert Club in New Port Richey, will consist of 20 shows spread throughout the East Coast.

Seventeen-year-old lead guitarist Tyler Jordan, who joined the band in April of last year, said he can hardly wait to hit the highway.

“Everyone’s been waiting a long time for this,” said Jordan, who recently graduated from Central High School. “It’s a dream come true for us.”

Getting together in the summer of 2005, vocalist Tony Rodriguez, guitarist Paul Starr (born Paul Zakar), bassist Alan Olshefski and drummer Andre Canale enjoyed a typical garage band existence, playing small clubs, dances — even bowling alleys — in and around Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties. As the band’s following grew, so did the group’s vision for the music.

“It got more and more serious for us,” Olshefski said. “We started to promote ourselves more and look for more opportunities to get the music out there.”

In 2006, St. Valentines Massacre recorded its first demo CD and entered and won the Emergenza battle of the bands competition in Tampa. Next up was a featured spot on the west coast Florida leg of the 2007 Warped Tour.

Meanwhile, the band’s music — a blend of heavy metal, punk and blues-rock known to diehard fans as “screamo” — began attracting an even wider audience via SVM’s MySpace page.

“We did a three-song recording called Eulogy that got something like 10,000 plays in three days,” Olshefski said. “When that happened, we started to feel like this could be a big thing.”

Megaforce/MRI Records thought so, too, and in October, the label, which is distributed by Sony Records, offered St. Valentines Massacre a record deal. Awakening, which was recorded in Rodriguez’s home studio and mixed at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, represents some of the band’s most evocative work.

“We’re getting a lot of good response so far,” Olshefski said. “The Best Buy in New Port Richey is already sold out of them.”

Olshefski, a 2001 graduate of Springstead High School, credits SVM’s success to diligence, hard work and a little luck. He and his bandmates are looking forward to finally traveling outside the area to perform for fans they have only communicated with on the Internet.

“This band loves to play,” he said. “When they come to see us, we’ll give them the best we can give them.”

Logan Neill can be reached at or (352) 848-1435.

Check out the SVM MySpace!

Don’t forget to BUY THE CD – Awakening – on Amazon (check your local stores also!).

The “SUCK” that is EAxis

So – I bought Sims3 at a thrift store for $4.00 – but, someone had already pilfered the instruction manual (and therefore, the registration code). So I sent an email to EAxis (i.e. EA Games) via the Sims3 site to find out how to obtain a registration code. Here is what I sent:

06/19/2009 08:37 PM
I purchased a copy of Sims3 at a local thrift store – but, the game was missing the book (including the registration code). How would I go about getting a replacement registration code for my game? I want to do this legally since of course I could just go online and find it – but I would like to be able to shop at the “Store” and download things from the Exchange.
Please advise – thank you 🙂

And … here is what I received back:

Response (EARepJovi)
06/23/2009 07:13 AM
Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.
I apologize for the delay in response to this ticket. If you have not registered the game and if the Registration code/Serial Number/CD Key for the game has been lost, misplaced or missing then you will need to purchase another Registration code/Serial Number/CD Key from our warranty department, please mail our Warranty department the following information:
-The [Proof of Purchase] page from the manual, or if that is not available the game disk.
Note: If you send the game disk, please send it using a traceable method as Electronic Arts is not responsible for products lost in transit.
-A letter explaining that you need a replacement serial number.
-A money order for $10.00 USD.
-Note: We do NOT accept cash, checks, or credit cards.
-Include full contact information:
-First and Last Name
-Return Address (Including City, State, and Zip Code)
-Phone Number
-E-mail Address
You must mail in your request to the following address:
Electronic Arts Warranty Department
9001 N I-35 Suite 110
Austin, TX 78753
Once all of the information has been received, our Warranty Department will process your request and e-mail as well as standard mail you a serial number. If you mailed the game disks to us, the disks will be returned to you shortly. NOTE: If you fail to include all of the requested items, it will prevent us from processing your request.
EA Rep Jovi
Player Relations
Electronic Arts

First off … didn’t I say that I didn’t HAVE the manual – which is the reason for the initial email? Second … send the DISK!? Third … $10!?!?!? Are you effin’ kidding me EAxis?! I realize that they are trying to protect their “assets” but seriously; did I not say I got it at a thrift store? Not to mention they want me to send the actual disk PLUS $10? Why the hell do they need $10? Isn’t proving that I bought the freaking game by sending them the damn disk enough?

Seriously EAxis … between this and Securom … THIS is why people pilfer the game from TPB (or any other torrent/illegal sites). Because you people SUCK! SUCK! For your information I was already PLAYING the game (that is, until the power source went on my desktop … but that’s another issues all-together)! So, excuse me while I download a torrent of Riverview et al because A: I’m not sending you my disk (*cough*becauseitslockedinmydeadcomputer*cough*) and B: I don’t HAVE $10 to send you (and even if I did I feel that’s ridiculous!)


American Idol Finals TONIGHT!


I’m so excited about the American Idol finals tonight! This is the first year in a few years now that I’ve gotten obsessed with the show and I am very happy about who is in the “final two” – Kris Allen and Adam Lambert! Both of the guys have major talent – MAJOR TALENT – but Adam is the apparent “pick” for winner. Kris is more of a “dark horse” I guess – or so they keep saying.

Kris has been in my personal top five for weeks now; so I am exceptionally happy about his being in the final.

I know that both contenders – in fact most of the top ten – will come out with albums; so I am not worried about never hearing them sing again. As a lot of you know – Chris Daughtry was an American Idol castoff and has had one of the best selling rock albums of all time. So, just because you “lose” American Idol doesn’t mean you “lose” – you know?

So, who is your pick? Team Kris or Team Adam?

Me personally ..?


Yanni Voices – An AMAZING Concert!

Yanni Voices Concert in NorfolkYanni – the Legend – Beginning the Show!

Last night (thanks to the One2One Network) I had the opportunity to do something I’ve never done before – attend a Yanni concert. But this wasn’t any “ordinary” Yanni concert – this was Yanni’s first concert in over five years featuring music from his first album in six years! Not only that – but Yanni Voices in Concert featured four amazing vocalists/performers – Chloe Lowery, Ender Thomas, Leslie Mills and Nathan Pacheco.

The concert opened up with “Santorini” which was an amazing Middle Eastern inspired-song complete with lights and pictures projected onto a “scrim” onstage. It was literally like watching a music video but live – it was awesome! Each of the “Voices” was introduced in the opening song also – each featured for a brief amount of time under a spotlight.

The first soloist “Voice” to perform was Nathan who sang “Enchantment” and truly enchanted everyone. Nathan has an amazing voice and a helluva range.

The first duet was with Chloe and Nathan who performed “In the Mirror” – a lovely love song sung in both Italian and English. Next up was Ender (and his leather pants) singing “Desire” a hot Latin number that really hyped up the crowed! I simply ADORE Latin music and Ender did NOT disappoint! Not only did Ender sing – he also danced which made the already hot song much hotter!

Yanni Voices Concert in NorfolkEnder steaming up the stage!

That was about the time we got busted for taking pictures even though they specified no flash photography. We were NOT using our flash! But anyway …

The next performer was the soulful voiced Leslie singing “Before the Night Ends” – Leslie really reminds me (vocally) of Sophie B. Hawkins and (visually) of Kylie Minogue. She’s simply amazing. The song was beautiful and talks about looking for someone and vowing to find them “before the night ends” – it was a great performance.

“Within Attraction” was the next song performed by the orchestra including Charlie Adams on drums, Yoel Del Sol playing percussion, Benedikt, Ann Marie Calhoun, Anna Stafford, Erika Walczak, Armen Movsessian and Samvel Yervinyan on violin, April Cap on oboe, Jason Carder and Kerry Hughes on their trumpets, Lauren Chipman and Ilona Geller on the viola, Victor Espinola on the Paraguayan harp, Ming Freeman and Sylvio Richetto on keyboard, Cesar Lemos on guitar, James Mattos on French horn Sarah O’Brien and Alexander Zhiroff on cello, Dana Teboe on trombone and finally Gabriel Vivas rocking the bass.

“Change” performed by Chloe came next followed by “November Sky” or “Bajo el cielo de Noviembre” performed by Ender which was about a homeless child who dreams about going back to a home he’s never had. It was a high tempo, exciting song with lots of Latin rhythms. Ender then paired up with Chloe to perform “Hasta El Ultimo Momento” an amazing Latin and English duet that is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album.

Nathan then performed “Almost a Whisper” which is definitely on par with such operatic legends as Pavarotti and Carreras. Nathan is simply amazing. Next up was “Duet” followed by “Theory of Everything” performed by Leslie. “Theory of Everything” was an awesome new age slash pop song that really showed off Leslie’s vocal range. Hopefully, the song will show up on Leslie’s solo album as it’s not on the “Yanni Voices” cd.

“Tribute” was then performed which was a beautiful, upbeat song in Italian that paired up Nathan and Chloe. “Kill Me with Your Love” performed by Chloe was a great jazzy-pop song that really showed off her range of abilities. It reminded me a lot of the artist Sadé – and was a great song.

The beautiful Chloe came out and did a Middle Eastern or India-inspired dance atop Yanni’s piano. My first thought was “wow – I didn’t know this show came with a Burlesque show!” I kid – Chloe was wearing a rather small dance outfit – but she was covered up for the most part! Sexy not sleazy? I think her performance made a few of the “older” audience members’ nights though! Chloe is adorable though – she really knows how to work the crowd and has a great “light” about her.

“The Keeper” was an incredibly sexy jazzy song performed by Leslie on top of the piano! It was a great follow-up to Chloe’s dancing. In fact, the song closed with both beautiful ladies sitting on the piano.

“Marching Season” was an older song performed by Yanni and drummer Charlie. It was a ton of fun to listen to Charlie and his drum solo “dueling” with Yanni and his piano.

“Quedate Conmigo” was an awesome Latin number sung and danged by Ender and Chloe. The song was HOT and both singers are awesome to watch – so much chemistry!

[youtube][/youtube]“Quedate Conmigo”

“Niki Nana” closed the show and was performed by all of the “Voices” and the orchestra. It was a great show-stopping number which led to the curtain call for the performers. But – there would be more! Yanni and his musicians performed not only one, but two encores!

“Do you not want to go home? asked Yanni “well, neither do we!”

I have to laugh though because there were only a handful of “younger” people there. But the “older” people were rocking out to the music as much as we were. When Yanni himself came on stage at the beginning I swear I thought panties would start flying through the air! He’s a pretty handsome man, although he seems as tall as I am! He’s definitely a “showman” and you can tell he lives and breathes the music.

After the show I handed off my extra backstage pass to a fan club member who had been dancing up a storm during the show and headed backstage with her and another “Mommyblogger” – Heather from Running from the Little People and her guest. With us were some “long lost old friends” of Chloe who had known her since she was little!

Yanni Voices Concert in NorfolkWaiting backstage to meet the “Voices” – OMG!
(I really need to learn how to properly use my X-Shot though!)

We waited back stage and Nathan came in first. He’s so tall! Not to mention very friendly and gracious. He chatted with us for awhile during the “meet and greet” and was very cordial and thanked us for promoting the event.

Chloe and Ender came in next and we just had to ask if they were dating because of their awesome chemistry on stage! Chloe laughed and said that she and Ender were just “very best friends” and very much not dating! Chloe is tall and even more beautiful up close in person. She has a voice like Christina Aguilera and can dance like no one’s business! I got a big hug from Ender and took a photo of him and my new fan-club friend Cheryl! He was so friendly and very (very!) good looking! 

Yanni Voices Concert in NorfolkEnder posing with Cheryl! (With Heather smiling in the background!)

Last but not least the dainty Leslie came into the room and I got a great picture with her and talked with her for a little bit. It’s amazing that such a powerhouse voice comes out of such a little body! She’s beautiful and very friendly.

Yanni Voices Concert in NorfolkI got a photo with Leslie!

I had an absolute BLAST at the concert and would recommend it to Yanni fans along with fans of classical-rock music, new age, opera, latin, pop and just about anything else you can think of! This was in no way a “boring” concert! I heard a LOT of people commenting on how great the show was and how it was “so worth the money.”

Yanni Voices Concert in NorfolkAll of the “Voices” … and Me!

You can learn more about the Yanni Voices at their official website.
Also check out the Yanni Voices page on Squidoo!

Half-Blood Prince Coming Two Days Early!

Warner Bros has announced that the release date for Half-Blood Prince has been moved up, from the original date of July 17th, 2009 to Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 in the US.

The date change has been confirmed for the United States by Warner Bros.


Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Susan Boyle is 47 year old woman from a village in England who wants to be a professional singer. Please watch the following video to learn more about her and watch her sing “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables on Britain’s Got Talent.


Watch this ENTIRE video – okay? I promise you won’t regret it!