Party In My Tummy

Oh. My. Goodness!! Let me just talk about fast food okay? Burger King has these awesome “steakhouse” burgers right now, the price is steep (for fast food) at $3.99 each, but they are GOOD and taste like they are literally from a STEAKHOUSE! I ordered the Steakhouse Burger with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and mayo and hubby got the Steakhouse Mushroom & Swiss one. They were both excellent!

Another super-yum lately is that both Arby’s and Sonic have fried cheesecake bites. Good gracious they are GOOD!!

I’ma gonna gain 900lbs this holiday season.

Ps. I had the seasons first (and second) glass of eggnog last night. One made with Myers Dark Rum, and the second with a “Cuban” Rum from Spain. I now have a hangover.

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My friends and their 2 kids (3 & 4) and the hubby, our kid (3) and I went to the Applebees near St. Johns Towncenter here in Jacksonville for some dinner. It took around 15 – 20 minutes to even have someone come and take our drink orders! The boys food came first (we ordered it with our drinks along with our food) and they were done quickly. The kids were done eating and we were still waiting on our food to get to us. It took around a 1/2 hour for that to happen.

The place wasn’t full, so there was NO reason for it to take that long. We both ended up giving 5% and 10% to our server. We weren’t pains (seriously, I brought plenty of toys) and we didn’t demand much. Sigh … ahh well. This won’t stop me from eating there, but seriously Applebees, don’t drag your ass. Those of us with kids (young kids) don’t mind the “turn ’em and burn ’em” attitude, lol …. Crayons can only go so far.