Octomama & Horny British Pre-Teens

Real quick:

How the hell? What is wrong with this Nadya Suleman woman? I mean – it’s pretty effin’ obvious she’s had "work" done – yet she’s on government assistance? She had IVF not only for her recent octuplets, but also the sextuplets that she already had – yet she’s on government assistance? She is single, lives with her parents and now has fourteen children!

I mean, I honestly don’t know which is worse – Octomama or the British boy who just became a dad at age thirteen!

What the hell is this world coming to? I mean seriously .. Are people really that BORED?! GET A HOBBY!

Edit: Update to the "youngest dad" news story – the boy is taking a DNA test to make sure he is the dad after at least three other boys stepped up to state that they are the dad instead! Read it here.

Fake Reefer Madness?

There is LEGAL bud available in the United States. File this under “learn something new every day” I suppose … While I was in Spain marijuana was everywhere – but here in the US obviously toking some reefer is illegal. So, if you don’t want to break the law, why not try one of the 30 odd “flavors” of legal bud available from International Oddities. This is not marijuana, this is legal. What IS this stuff you ask? Well, according to the website FAQ the bud available from International Oddities is custom hybrid bud; it will not show up on a drug test because there is nothing in the bud that anyone is “testing” for.

They are even using this bud in movies such as the new Seth Rogan film “Pineapple Express” (I seriously love me some Seth Rogan … sigh …) among other movies which feature fake marijuana. You see – they AREN’T smoking oregano like I’ve always thought!

Okay, truth be told I have zero idea what the effects of this stuff are; they don’t talk about it on their website. So, I’d love to hear a real person’s account of this stuff. In fact, I’d love to try it! So, International Oddities – wanna send me a sample? I’ll blog it after I use it!

Happy Credit Card Dance

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Discover card. Since I FIRST got a credit card. So, just before my 26th birthday I tried again – and GOT IT! Woot! I’m the proud owner of a Discover Miles card – with only a 10% finance charge!! I’m trying to pay down our cards, so I’ve been doing some balance transferring to get better interest rates. This is the last card I’m applying for – the best card 😉 I’m cheesy … you can’t tell, can’t you?

Just Now

The phone rings, it’s 8:49pm. I am tired and just put Xander to bed (Early, yay!)

Me: Hello
*blank* *blank* *blank*
Her: Er, Mrs Brandt?
Me: Yes …?
Her: Mrs. Brandt, this is Amy with the Florida Troopers *mumble mumble*
Me: You are KIDDING ME!? It’s almost 9 o’clock at night at you are calling me for money?! Don’t call back again!

I hate fund raising people. You are about the get around $90 from the ticket I have to pay, lay off.


Apparently (well, at least this is my Dad’s theory) a very pregnant tick made it’s way into my house and HAD BABIES!! I pulled 6 ticks off of Samson already – he’s black and very furry and I’m very sure there is more. Found 2 entering my bedroom, 4 on his doggy bed, 7 on the curtains, and a few more (alive and dead) on the floor.

This is INSANE!!!! It had to have only just happened a couple days ago, I thought it was just the dog and the kid and I bringing them in working on the yard, but no, there’s more then just a couple. The bedroom and living room are being sprayed tonight while the kid sleeps and the dog is in the guestroom. Dad brought me this crazy killer bug spray that kills any critter that moves he claims (yet – safe for dogs and kids .. hmm – says he’s always used it, and I never died, so we should be good).

They are congregating! They have their own little world among my carpet fuzzys!