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“You look around the world, and you see people f**king each other over, for want of a better word. A lot of healing could be done if people realized that you can’t fix a spiritual problem with politics.” Sinead O’Connor in Interview.

Only In America

It’s stuff like this that keeps me a “lactivist” … ugh! Only in America do people have SUCH an issue with public breastfeeding. I breastfeed my kid EVERYWHERE. McDonalds, the Mall, the Beach, Taco Bell, bars … you name it, I’ve done it. And you know that NO ONE has EVER said anything or given even a look. Or even batted an eye! I was SO nervous when I went home a few months ago (to Florida). I didn’t have any problems though … thankfully. But Florida is one of those states that has laws regarding a womans right to feed her child anywhere. But, people-wise, no one shot me any looks (that I noticed). But, lordy iff’n they HAD!!! rar!


Been reading … that always gets me into trouble. But, here’s a couple links for your reading pleasure ….

Swanky Conservative
Mudville Gazette

Now, you all know I am not a “Conservative” nor am I on the “Right Wing” .. but my friend Jayme I think called it. She says I am a “Conservative Liberal” lol … She is Conservative, but has taken to understanding me and my (weird) points of view. It’s nice that I can speak eloquently and convey my point of view eh? 😉

I’m trying to get Alan to take up blogging, what with people caring what the military people have to say .. well .. sometimes 😉 He wont though … pansy 😉

Damn, was there a point to this entry?

Nurse-In at “The View”

For all my NY, NJ and surrounding area readers … There will be a “nurse in” at a taping of The View.

Monday, June 6th, 2005, at 11 a.m.
the corner of Columbus Avenue and 67th Street ABC Studios New York City

Among other incidents: Barbara Walters has repeatedly denigrated mothers who nurse their babies in public, and states that millions of babies have been raised on formula and they’re just fine, implying that breastfeeding advocates are ill-informed. Elisabeth Hasselbeck claimed to have been harrassed at Disney by sling-wearing La Leche League leaders while pregnant with her child, which led to all the hosts bashing breastfeeding advocates (and which also led to a response from LLL, which was not pleased to have been slandered) as nuts. The final straw? On yesterday’s show, the hosts made “a big announcement” – Elisabeth’s month old baby has been put onto formula, which was applauded as a huge, wonderful, happy milestone.

“The View” has made it clear that they regard breastfeeding parents with contempt. Spread the word on the nurse-in – let them know that enough is enough.

Ps – I didn’t write the above information – I’m just passing it along.