Ahem ..

Does this country still have that old system with the checks and balences? Or, did they do away with that? hrm …?

Attention President Bush

Go and register on the forums at CinCHouse and see for youself what your little war is doing to the families of the military you have over there. You have issues dude, and you need to get over them. YOU aren’t over their fighting. You probably don’t even know anyone over their fighting. You just sit in your big office and tell others to do your dirty work. It makes no sense anymore. I don’t believe it when people say we can’t just pull out of there. Those people are just going to keep killing their own and others anyway. Why can’t we just have OUR ARMED FORCES ON AMERICAN SOIL!!! I’m so sick of this Goddamned war …

Will This Ever Stop?

National Guard to be Deployed

I’m so sick and fucking tired of this war. Sick and Tired! I’m sick of hearing of more and more troops being sent over to do some bullshit, political mission and leaving their families. A year? Come home for a couple months and right back out. I’ve known people to do a 6 month to a year stint over there, come home for 6 months and go right back over. It’s insane! I’m so ready for a change in tide in this stupid administration. So many people, both military and civilian are completely done with what we are doing over there. In the article they mention that the National Guard troops are okay with being deployed — OF COURSE THEY SAY THAT!! They are being “volunTOLD” to do it! Of course they are going to agree, they have no choice! And if they are an officer in the military they can’t disagree because they’d get court marshalled! So, duh! Get these stupid ass-hats out of the administration!! Hello!! This bullshit has been going on for SIX YEARS NOW!! It’s time to STOP!

Hops on Soapbox

This link: here got me IRRITATED. Why not give (GIVE) those implants to deaf kids in AMERICA? How about using the money that they will collect to give this IRAQI kid this surgery and feed a TON of AMERICAN kids? WTF!? This country pisses me off sometimes …..

World Breastfeeding Week

Happy WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK everyone! This week (August 1-7) is to help bring out awareness and support of breastfeeding and help make it more commonplace.

I nursed my son, Xander until he was around 16 months old.

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Xander nursing around 3 or 4 months old.

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Live Journal vs. Breastfeeding

So, there’s this muy drama going on over at LiveJournal about “not having a breastfeeding picture as your default icon” … So, of course, there are tons of people now who have breastfeeding icons as their default. Okay, fine … I get it, I’m a bit of a rebel also … I don’t mind cute baby faces smooshed up against their mama’s – I just weaned my 16 month old about a week ago. Not that I have any photo’s breast feeding him. But, tonight, I’m jumping on the side of LiveJournal … Whooduthunk right? I was reading thru my friends list, reading random posts and comments and came across the MUTHA of all breastfeeding icons … An animated LATCH ON. Now, that’s something I don’t need to see. I never held out my nipples for all to see and slow-mo latched on my nursling … ever …. There’s breastfeeding for nurishment (totally botched that spelling) and then there’s using your BABY and your BREASTS for protest – that goes beyond what “They” are for. That’s just being nasty IMO. Like I said, “smoosh babies” are fine, they are where they are supposed to be. But honey, PLEASE for the love of modesty, keep your pointy ass nipples and your slow-mo latch to YOURSELF!