Please Pray

Please pray for those affected by the bridge collapse in Minnesota. I cannot even imagine … bridges scare the hell outta me – now I remember why.

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Prayers for Flight Crew Families

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Lots of prayers go out to the families of the helo crew from NAS Jacksonville.

Perez On … Politics?

Perez Hilton is posting political blogs now on his (in)famous celebrity website. Here’s the latest, re. Bill Maher’s comments on his show on HBO.

What I got a kick out of was that Perez only posted the original article – not any usual agree/or/disagree he usually has. Not that he’d be speaking from anywhere but his ass since he’s a celebrity gossip blogger and not a political analyst. Still makes for interesting reading though. Yes, I get my political links from a celeb-blog. I’m a hopeless housewife lol 😉

Politics Today

Ann Coulter. My father in law loves her. A lot of people do. I want to know when is it right, moral and even politically correct to say about 90% of what comes out of her mouth? She is a vile, hate-filled woman. And she is so very accepted by the “right wing” Republicans! Um, hello? And they say left wingers are morally wrong. Cuz you know, they are just a bunch of “faggots” right?

Ugh …. I cannot wait for this election. I cannot wait for Ann Coulter to get kicked right off of HER soap box either …

Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a “faggot” – article/video here.
GOP Candidates, Cheney called to condemn Ann Coulter for her words – article here.

Anti-War Protest!

In Washington DC today –

I wish I could’ve been there to march. Why don’t I ever here about anti-war protests in Jax? I should google …

AND -  even though the TROOPS can’t protest, apparently they have a petition!

Eff You Very Much

Yeah, old .. but it pissed me off the same.