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This is an article written on a blog called Jack of All Spades. Here is a snippit – but I suggest you read the rest on the original blog. Excellant article! When I share stuff like this on places like Facebook I open myself up to people who disagree with my (strong) feelings on gun control. On here – my blog – I feel better about not allowing someone to disagree – lol …

For as long as I can remember, the political officers of the United States have regularly misused tragedy for their own causes. This is in reality just human nature to make the best of a situation but the real issue arises when that person takes a very serious situation and pushes through an agenda on the backs of small children. I deeply regret the tragic events involving recent active shooters and wish a speedy recovery to all involved. I wish that the communities worst hit by these events can move past these events with strength. Life gives us lemons every day; I just don’t expect them to come in the form of an active shooter. What I do expect is that no matter the lemon, we can find a way to make lemonade.

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Disagree all you want – I don’t care. But I’m not debating this topic and I’m not going to “agree” with you.

If you don’t like guns, fine. You aren’t taking mine away. I’ll just be the one saving YOUR ass when the shit hits the fan. Don’t tell me that “they aren’t trying to take your legally acquired guns” – yes, “they” are. They might not be saying it NOW – but I strongly believe that this “gun control” ladder will come to that point.

The Boob Nazi Cometh

I posted the other day on my Twitter and Facebook a question … "should I assimilate to American breastfeeding standards and order a "nursing cover" or two for this baby? I nursed Xander in Europe." I got some pretty interesting and even surprising answers back from my friends, family and followers!

I decided to look up the laws for breastfeeding in my home state of Virginia.

According to the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures); Virginia exempts breastfeeding from public indecency law, have laws related to breastfeeding in the workplace and also exempts breastfeeding mothers from jury duty. Also, the state of Virginia allows women to breastfeed on any land or property owned by the state.

Here are some of the “legalese” versions:

Va. Code § 2.2-1147.1 (2002) guarantees a woman the right to breastfeed her child on any property owned, leased or controlled by the state. The bill also stipulates that childbirth and related medical conditions specified in the Virginia Human Rights Act include activities of lactation, including breastfeeding and expression of milk by a mother for her child. (HB 1264)

Va. Code Ann. § 8.01-341.1 (2005) provides that a mother who is breastfeeding a child may be exempted from jury duty upon her request. The mother need not be "necessarily and personally responsible for a child or children 16 years of age or younger requiring continuous care during normal court hours." (2005 Chap. 195, HB 2708)

Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-387 (1994) exempts mothers engaged in breastfeeding from indecent exposure laws.

Va. House Joint Resolution 145 (2002) encourages employers to recognize the benefits of breastfeeding and to provide unpaid break time and appropriate space for employees to breastfeed or express milk.

But – none of the rules state that I have to have a nursing “cover-up” – so I wonder if that’s actually written into law. I know as far as “now” goes – it’s been ranging over 100 degrees here, so you would believe that if I were nursing a baby now there would be no “cover-up” since it’s hot as hell out there. But – this baby is due to make her appearance in November thus negating any “it’s freaking hot out” excuse.

Some of the responses to my original question included:

“Nah, a big crochet blanket works nicely”

“YES! Nursing is a beautiful gift one can give their child. Looking at ones boobs while doing it, not necessary”

“I never used one”

“I never used one except for when the in-laws visit”

“I used just a lightweight blanket”

“Lurkers can see more at the beach than they can from a nursing mom.”

I wont go into the possible breathing issues because that’s a debate in and of itself (like blankets restrict breathing, etc). I didn’t do the research so I’m not going into that here. I know that personally, when I was nursing Xander I couldn’t KEEP a blanket over his head because he would simply pull it off. I nursed everywhere in Spain and even in Germany and France (even on the flights around Europe and to and from the US) and had no issues. None. I even nursed while in Applebee’s here in the states with no cover up and no one said anything to me.

I’m not sure why I even asked people’s opinions on the matter since I’m just going to do what seems right for me anyway I guess – which most likely will be to use a light blanket to “latch on” and just remove it after that. Babies have the right to eat when they are hungry and people just need to get over the fact that boobs were created by God to feed offspring. They aren’t just “playthings” during sex.

I get more offended seeing girls with their boobs hanging out looking like whores than I ever have seeing a mother nurse her baby.

To quote both my friend and a Facebook group – “If you have a problem with it – put a blanket over YOUR head!”

Is This Chicken … or Tuna?

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When I was pregnant with my son I had two foods that I craved all the time – waffles and tuna melt sandwiches. My hubby knew when he was getting ready for work (at 6am) that he needed to make me a tuna melt before he left. I had heard that tuna wasn’t really that great to eat while pregnant – but I ate all kinds of things that were on the ‘no-no’ list while pregnant (sushi, cold-cut sandwiches).

According to what I’ve read previously – pregnant women shouldn’t eat more than 18oz of tuna per month. But – recently there has been a scientific study done that proves that pregnant women who ate less than 12 ounces of seafood (including healthy tuna) weekly were 50 percent more likely or have symptoms of depression.

Depression during pregnancy can have serious effects on a woman’s health and that of her baby; emerging science suggests that depression during pregnancy may increase the risk of having a caesarian section, delivering a premature or low-birth-weight baby and a higher chance of having depression after pregnancy.

Not eating seafood during pregnancy appears to be associated with high levels of depression because marine foods like fish are the only naturally rich source of a special omega-3 fatty acid called DHA. In addition to better mental health in adults, DHA is needed for the very best possible brain and eye development in babies.

Seafood also has many other nutrients that benefit pregnant moms and their growing babies. It’s an excellent source of lean protein and is rich in vitamin D and calcium which are needed for a healthy pregnancy. In addition, seafood like canned tuna and salmon are affordable and convenient options for moms eating lunch on the go or making a quick meal for the family.

I’m not sure if my obsession with tuna during pregnancy helped me or hurt me since I was already dealing with depression before I got pregnant and it continued on after I had given birth.

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Woman Pregnant with Two But Not Twins

Article from ABC News – written by Lauren Cox

A pregnant woman in Arkansas surprised doctors twice over when she went in for a routine ultrasound this June.

Doctors successfully located Todd and Julia Grovenburg’s growing baby girl Jillian, but then discovered another smaller baby — what could be Jillian’s younger brother — growing beside her. The Grovenburgs may have conceived their son Hudson a full two-and-a-half weeks after Jillian, according to statements given to KFSM-TV in Ft. Smith-Fayetteville, Ark. Different from identical twins or fraternal twins, the Grovenburg babies would have separate due dates and are considered to be a rare medical occurrence.

"When the woman had her ultrasound initially, they saw one sack, one baby developing, and that baby had a certain gestational age; then they noticed a second heartbeat in a child that was much, much younger developmentally," Dr. Karen Boyle of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, told ABC News’ "Good Morning America Health."

Boyle said it’s uncommon for fetuses to differ so widely in size and development early in pregnancy, even though babies may differ widely in size at birth.

"It does really sound like this is a true case of different conception times for these children," said Boyle.

Reports of superfetation, or conceiving while pregnant, are so rare that Boyle said, "There is no prevalence or incidence in the literature. I could only find about 10 reported cases."

Grovenburg’s obstetrician, Dr. Michel Muylaert, confirmed to KFSM-TV that the Grovenburgs may be dealing with the extraordinarily rare case of superfetation.

"Mrs. Julia Grovenburg is pregnant with twins and there appears to be a discordant growth pattern, possibly due to superfetation," Dr. Muylaert wrote in a letter to KFSM-TV. "This is an unusual and rare condition, but the possibility is real. It can only be confirmed after delivery by chromosomal and metabolic studies on the babies. She was evaluated at UAMS in Little Rock for this condition and they confirmed the suspicion of superfetation," he continued.

How interesting is this? What the heck is in the water down in Arkansas? I mean – we’ve got this woman who gets knocked up when she’s already knocked up and you’ve got Mrs. Duggar who is pregnant with number nineteen! Is there anything else to do down there than have lots and lots of sex? I mean; sex isn’t bad – don’t get me wrong. But maybe the ladies down there should take up say … knitting or shuffleboard?

I wonder if this article will turn out to be true. I mean – I wonder what will happen when Mama delivers. Three weeks separation isn’t bad – a baby should be fine even if it’s born three weeks early. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned! Mama is due around the middle of December 2009 / early 2010.

Blessed or Cursed? Teen Has Tears of Blood

Fifteen year old Tennessee teenager Calvino Inman has an incredibly mysterious ailment … At least three times a day Calvino bleeds from his eyes. He says that these unexplained tears of blood can last from a few minutes to up to an hour.

Video contains graphic images

"Sometimes, I can feel it coming up, like a tear. I feel my eyes watering. Sometimes, it will burn as it comes out. I’ve been called possessed by almost all of my friends. I guess I’m used to it now. At first, it kind of hurt my feelings,"

The first time she saw it, his mom called 911. Doctors have done an MRI and a CAT scan along with numerous tests and ultrasounds on Calvino and all the tests have come back normal. Calvino’s mother has taken him to several specialists but still has no diagnosis and no treatment.

"Every doctor tells us they’ve never seen anything like this before in all their many years of being a doctor,"  "More than anything, I just truly want somebody to say they’ve seen this and they can help us. I don’t care where we have to travel. I will go wherever we need to go. I will do whatever I have to do. I just please want somebody to help my baby. That’s all,"

National Geographic is also advertising a special report on a young girl in India who not only mysteriously bleeds from her eyes – but also her hands, head and feet. There is another woman in India named Rashida Khatoon who is thought of as a holy shrine and is actually worshipped because of her blood tears. Doctors in India, like the doctors in the US – are stumped by this condition.

Are these cases related? Is this simply a “medical mystery” or something … bigger?

Equality Forum


Equality Forum is a national and international nonprofit 501(c)(3) GLBT civil rights organization with an educational focus. Equality Forum presents the largest annual national and international GLBT civil rights forum, spearheads GLBT History Month, produces documentary films and undertakes high-impact initiatives.

Equality Forum will take place this year between April 27th and May 3rd in Philly.

Why am I posting this? Because I fancy myself an ACTIVIST bitches! You really can be straight but not narrow you know.

That said … visit the Equality Forum website at