Good Day So Far

Yeah! I love good days!! (Although, Xander has yet to take a nap, another early night I suppose). Anyway, I did have a blonde moment and forget to get gas … I got lunch instead (duh). Anyway – I visited the thrift store for kids and got Xander a ton of clothes, a Lightning McQueen racecar that talks, two vhs tapes and a Fisher-Price school bus with some people for $18.00 🙂 Then I hit the food store to grab some banana’s (Xander’s request), Iced Tea (mine) and a bubble blower from the NEX (the non-spill kind).

Then I went home, I pulled on some comfy workout clothes and a pair of Alan’s shoes (hey, we’re the same size and he ain’t using them) added a purple bandanna, some big sunglasses and I WEED WHACKED the yard! Yeah! So, albeit a little grassy (like, everywhere), the yard is much, much nicer looking. 🙂

Girl Power! 😉

Good Morning!

Happy Friday! Boy, did we have some helluva thunderstorm last night! Xander came into my room towards the end of it around 5:00am, but he wasn’t falling back to sleep – he wasn’t scared, just super wiggley – so I moved him back into his room and told him to come get me when it was light out. So, 7:30am he comes back in (he had slept more though, I could tell). It’s already 9:30 – cool!

I don’t think our playgroup is doing anything today … We’ve got Chief pinnings and mother in laws, sick kids, smashed fingers … it’s been a crazy week. I wish everyone well and get well!!

I got a few things on my To Do list from the other day done. I mowed the lawn yesterday also (thank goodness because of that storm!) So, now if the weather is decent today I am going to haul some boxes to storage. I’ve gotta get the garage cleaned out more, especially if it is going to be raining this much now. I’d like to actually put the van INTO the garage. That and I’m on a hunt for Alan’s cammies still!

Always too much to do … I think I will work on the kitchen today, maybe sorting out some stuff. Packing and cleaning … blah blah blah …

Stress OUT

Gah!! (I think that’s my favorite word lately). I could’ve sword that Alan’s cammies were in the garage and not up in the attic. I can’t find them, so I’m guessing they are up in the attic.

Xander is making me nuts because he’s been very “play with me, watch me” lately and I’ve been in a craptastic mood. I think I’m getting sick also.

Ugh, nevermind … I’m getting stressed blogging now because Xander is now feeding his toys the cheerios that he doesn’t want to eat. That he asked for. I need a nap. He’s SO going to bed early tonight. I’m so tired of him completely ignoring me.

Good Morning!

My friends were teasing me the other day because I was still up at 2am blogging. Well, it’s either blogging of playing Sims2 right? Heh … Well, they will be happy to hear I went to bed much earlier last night. I took a shower and was in bed by … 11pm. Er. Yeah, still a little late I guess. I was trying to be in bed earlier! Doesn’t work out often.

So, good morning! Xander came into my room around 5:30am and climbed into the bed, didn’t say a WORD and fell asleep, lol. So, I rolled over and fell back to sleep! He got up for the day around 7:15am. Still a little EARLY in my book, but, it’s okay. While I was making his milk I swigged some Mountain Dew. mmmmmmm do the Dew! I still need to put my contacts in though, yeah, I’m typing this blog without seeing! Woo! Go me!

My agenda/to-do list for the day includes:

  • Contacts/Get Dresses
  • Dishes (Wash, Put Away)
  • Take boxes to storage unit
  • Grocery shopping (I need milk and juice!!)
  • Fold and Put Away Laundry in dryer
  • Playgroup @ 3:00pm
  • Begin bootie bag project (find a uniform to chop up!)
  • Bed at DECENT hour (before 1030pm at least)

Let’s see how much I get done. It’s not TOO bad of a list at least.

Breakin’ My Code

Ugh, something in the “Recent Visitors” is breaking my code on Starryskye. Not in the mood to fix it, so it will disappear for a bit until I do.

Life updates – I’m throwing a pity party and you are ALL invited:

  • Someone went on a shopping spree with Alan’s credit card. Over $1,000 was
    charged by the person all from New York. We’re talking $600 for shoes, $400
    for meat/beef … Crazy. The bank girl and I had a good laugh over it though.
    This shit wouldn’t happen if people would just ASK FOR DAMN ID!!!!
  • Trying to sell the house … the market sucks obviously – and I got the
    payoff amount from the bank. Let’s just say it’s more then we paid for the
    house in the first place. Guess we’ll try and rent it out.
  • Got paid less this time around then last time. I expected it – but it
    still sucks since last paycheck was nice.
  • Packing, cleaning, etc SUCKS …. I think I might have a moving party
    soon. How does that sound girls? I feed you and you pack my stuff? (With my
    help of course, lol).
  • I’m tired and stressed out, completely. Also, it’s hot in here and I’m not
    sure why as the air is reading 76 degrees.
  • I think I will have some booze and play Sims2 after Xander goes to bed.

Ya know, I could really use an Orlando vacation home rental right about now. Orlando makes me happy. Well, DISNEY makes me happy.

I’m In Love With My Car

Well, I’ve had my new car since April 4th, 2007 and I still love, love it! I drive a “used” 2007 Honda Odyssey – a mini van, yes, but a NICE one. I’m in the process of “pimping it out” a little more, making it a little cooler. You know, bumper stickers (currently, I have 3 – “Come to the Darkside, We Have Cookies”, “I love my sailor” and “Support Our Troops”) and maybe some cool seat covers. I have a beautiful rosary in the rearview from my sister in honor of my nephews Baptism and my yummy “Home Sweet Home” Yankee candle air freshener. It has seating for 8 and around 17 cup holders, a Navigation system and of course a DVD player. I love my car! No, I’m NOT a “soccer mom” – just a mom who needs a ton of room for her kiddo, her friends, her stuff and her 113lb dog!

I don’t plan on trading this car for a new one anytime soon. Alan has the Chevy Tracker, so he’s happy with a “4×4” even if it’s “just an SUV” – you can take it off-road at least.