Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow

Today was a nice, long day spent with friends. Bianka and I hit the mall this morning, then had some lunching at Chik Fil A after she picked up her kiddo, then I mowed the lawn (yay!) then I met up with Bianka (again, lol) and Julissa at the park, then we had a pizza party with the kids. Much fun 🙂 I’m SO tired now that I’m pretty sure I’m hitting the bath and bed very soon.

Yesterday, the doggy got DIPPED as planned, so I hope he doesn’t have any more ticks. I will check in the morning. So far, I haven’t caught any of them wandering around the house – have seen one on his bed, but it was dead. So, I guess the spray is working.

Tomorrow I have no idea what I’m doing – I do have to vac the living room and do LAUNDRY though. Must. Do. Laundry!


Happy Sunday

There are some positives this morning – I didn’t wake up with a splitting sinus headache and my back doesn’t hurt (as much). That’s a good thing, lol …. I did wake up at 7:20am to Xander yelling/whining “Read a book” from his room, which was odd, because usually he just comes into my room to get me. I talked him out of that (I could see yet at that point) and we held hands (his choice) walking into the living room. I got him some milk and we settled into a showing of Barney so he could snuggle with me, and I could catch a couple more zzz’s (lol, bad mommy, I know … but he was on me, so it’s ok).

I couldn’t sleep (again) last night. I think tonight I’m going to try and go to bed earlier (like, earlier then 11pm) and have a bath and relax so I can fall asleep. I tried not to have extra caffeine yesterday, but it didn’t work. I dunno …

Today I just want to clean the living room, put away the clean clothes in my room and DIP THE DOG (yeah, didn’t get that done last night, poor guy).


I don’t have enough room in my house for all the office furniture I have. I hope that when we get to Virginia we can rent a four bedroom house so I have enough room for everything. Alan wants an office; I want a craft room, our bedroom, Xander’s bedroom. Alan’s “office” might end up being the living room though, because I want the computer in there. A playroom for Xander might be nice.

I need like, a ten bedroom house I guess.

LES’s Where ARE You?

I’m trying to budget for next paycheck and the new LES (military pay stubs) aren’t listed on the ‘net yet. We’re getting paid on like, the 28th this month, why aren’t the LES’s up!? Makes it really hard to budget when I can’t see what we are getting! Grr …

On another note, I hope it doesn’t start raining today. Before I take Xander to the park I really want to spray the back yard for ticks (as Xander walks out the door and Samson begins to itch …)

blah … it’s been a good day – I’m not letting this make me annoyed 😉

Cleaning Day

I’m going to continue my cleaning today. I finished my bedroom last night and sprayed, today is the living room and laundry. I also plan to straighten up my desk area. If I can stay awake that is, I’m soooooo tired! I keep drinking some Dew, but my eyes are closing.

Doesn’t look like the weather will be nice today. That sucks .. rainy weather always puts me in a sleepy mood.

I found the cammos I was looking for yesterday, so I pulled out a pair to chop. But, now I have to find a full uniform for Alan (his request) so I guess I have to go thru the rest of the box. I have to clean off the kitchen table in order to sew. Add that to my list.

Gotta re-find the booty bag pattern also.


Apparently (well, at least this is my Dad’s theory) a very pregnant tick made it’s way into my house and HAD BABIES!! I pulled 6 ticks off of Samson already – he’s black and very furry and I’m very sure there is more. Found 2 entering my bedroom, 4 on his doggy bed, 7 on the curtains, and a few more (alive and dead) on the floor.

This is INSANE!!!! It had to have only just happened a couple days ago, I thought it was just the dog and the kid and I bringing them in working on the yard, but no, there’s more then just a couple. The bedroom and living room are being sprayed tonight while the kid sleeps and the dog is in the guestroom. Dad brought me this crazy killer bug spray that kills any critter that moves he claims (yet – safe for dogs and kids .. hmm – says he’s always used it, and I never died, so we should be good).

They are congregating! They have their own little world among my carpet fuzzys!