Oh Boy Kid …

I don’t know if it’s just the extra stress levels around here but my child has been seriously driving me batty lately! His attitude SUCKS lately – always talking back, pouting (like with arms crossed saying ‘harumph!’ whenever something doesn’t go his way, yelling at the tv when he can’t get through a particular Nintendo board, etc. It’s like my little 4 year old has suddenly morphed into an angry, emo 14 year old!

He’s getting attention – but I assume it’s not enough. We’re going to Great Wolf Lodge again so hopefully we will be able to have a little fun (it’s a command function, so I know my husband will be on stress level “high” unfortunately).

Hubby is on his way to Florida for a business trip next week … so it’s going to be a rough week if Xander doesn’t stop with the damn attitude.

Drama? Already?

Alan tried to take Xander to daycare on his bike (with Xander in a bike trailer) and apparently, a bug flew into Xander’s eye! So, he bikes him home and they come busting into the house with Xander screaming his head off. I managed to get him calmed down but he refused to let me look at his eye. At least I got him to stop rubbing it though.

I wiped his face and hands off with a warm washcloth and we snuggled up for awhile. Finally, he was able to open his eye a little for me (when he got distracted by Alan tickling him – laughter is really the best medicine!) There is nothing in Xander’s eye – so I’m assuming whatever flew in (a gnat?) was wiped/cried away. I’m sure he gave himself some eye scratches though – thankfully, those light scratches heal pretty fast. I told Alan to go ahead and take him to school but to let his teacher know what happened.

I’m home today – so I’m on call in case his eye gets worse.

Poor kid! Gosh, it’s barely 10am and it’s already been a madhouse here!

Motrin 800 is Love

With all the darn drugs I am taking to knock out this awful cold & cough I have you would think perhaps there would be something for a headache involved? Nope! No such luck! So, I slept the day away after Xander and I got home from the playgroup kids Christmas party because I had a head splitting migraine. Yes – ALL DAY. I felt as though someone was taking a knife to my head right between my eyes. The only thing that made it tolerable was sleep. Then, when I realized my family would absolutely STARVE without me (yeah, right) I said – eff it I’m taking a Motrin. The only Motrin this chick has is Motrin 800 because you know, we’re a military family. You get Motrin 800 for everything around here. Nosebleed? Motrin 800! Appendectomy? Motrin 800? Just gave birth? Motrin 800! Gunshot wound to the lower glutes? Motrin 800! (Yeah, I think you go the point). So, since it works well for headaches – I took one. Within a 1/2 hour my headache was gone. Why the heck didn’t I take one earlier? Then at least I could’ve gotten stuff done today!

Aside from the headache the party was a lot of fun. Xander got a Moon Sand kit (thanks Erica!) and I bought my gift receiver some Color Wonder paper and markers. I’ve never bought it for Xander – news paper works just fine for us – but it looks pretty neat. I didn’t see anyone get any personalized books – but I did see lots of Littlest Pet Shop! There were a TON of kids there – it was pretty crowded, but I didn’t see much blood (only one!) and all the kids seemed to have a great time. That party marked my 1-year anniversary with the playgroup!

Lesson for Today

yao- cartoon-multitasking

If you are taking a hybrid (half online and half in class) math class do NOT think that you can keep your three year old home with you and also "attend" online class. It’s absolutely completely impossible. COMPLETELY. I just didn’t want to drive out to my friends house again to drop Xander off – figured I was putting her out enough having him over there for two days while my normal (theoretically) "babysitter" is out of town. It will be easier next week for this hybrid class because my normal (again, theoretically) sitter is only a block away. So, I can drop Xander off and come home and spend the whole time on line working out problems.

But, for right now I might have to abandon all hope of getting any math done while I am the only one home with him. I might just hit the library or even the coffee house later on after hubby gets home. That way I can study in peace.

Other than schoolwork I’ve run a load of dishes so far this morning. I still have to:

  • Clean the living room
  • Unload/Put away dishes
  • Another load of dishes
  • Get dinner in the crockpot (Three Cheese Broccoli Cheese Soup & Garlic Knots)
  • Unload dryer
  • Load dryer
  • Run a load of laundry
  • Unload dryer | Load Dryer
  • Sort through about 200 emails in my inbox (omg!!??)

It’s a hefty list – but I have a Starbucks Frap by my side helping me out. I also have to do something with Xander to get him the hell off the damn Wii. Why did I buy that thing? WHY!? Oh yeah – I wanted it. Next time I decide to buy a new gaming system please remind me not to tell Xander and just like – hide it in my closet or something.

Bye ya’ll … cya later.

Ways to Spend Less Money

From http://www.twede.com/

As I get older and more in tune with how to run a household successfully I realize all the ways that a family can be frugal, or “go” frugal (like, going green … only cheaper lol). I’ve been a coupon clipper and usually save at least $10 at the Commissary (which in itself is a wonderful place to save money!) I also look for sales and price compare things. I have a chart that I got from ListPlanit that helps me to compare items at different stores – it’s very helpful because I am a bad list maker.

Anyway, here is a little list of ways our family is working to be more frugal:

  • Clip coupons (they seriously work!) – but don’t buy something that you wouldn’t normally buy just because you have a coupon for it. Also – my friends and I swap coupons sometimes, it works out really well!
  • Search for sales – check out various stores for price comparisons.
  • If you are military and have access shop at the Commissary! They aren’t lying when they say they can save you 30% off your grocery bill. Get what you can there and then what you can’t try Wal-Mart (if you have one). They might be a little *evil* but they are still cheap.
  • Save and try NOT to use credit cards!!!! (easier said than done, I know!)
  • If you are swimming in credit debt why not try and do a balance transfer? Make sure that the percentage rate is super low for at least 6 months (or better yet for the “life of the balance”). Pay attention to the “balance transfer fee” because it could be high. Then, make that card a PRIORITY.
  • Make a budget and stick to it – sounds simple but it works. Try and use cash for things like groceries and entertainment (and allowance). A trick I learned from my Mom that works for me is to divvy up the budgeted money into different envelopes. Then you can see plainly what you have to spend.
  • Cash in those bonus points from you credit cards! I love getting either $50 “cash” or a $25 Starbucks card from my Discover Card points. A lot of companies have reward cards – if you are going to use plastic you might as well earn stuff.
  • For playgroups meet somewhere FREE (like a park) and plan a picnic. The kids will have a great time eating on a blanket on the ground and the adults get to relax.
  • Swap babysitting with friends.
  • Try to shop online at places like eBay or Half.com – even Amazon now has a used entertainment category. Pay attention to shipping though.
  • Seriously SHOP AT THRIFT STORES (and pawn shops!).
  • If you like to rent movies see if there is a “Redbox” nearby – the movies (usually new releases) are only $1 per night! You can even get a text message per week with a “freebie” code!
  • Don’t pay a lot for eyeglasses when you’ve got a website like Zenni Optical around. Their glasses start at only $8 and are super cute and in tons of styles. I personally know moms who have shopped at their site and say that their deals are really for REAL and that the quality is excellent. They were even mentioned in a book titled “Living Rich by Spending Smart” by Gregory Karp. (Which might I add has some seriously great advice).

I’m sure there are more GREAT tips on spending less money. Please share YOURS!!

Chapped Lips, & Chicken Shoot

Today was awesome – seriously. I started the day off WAY too early, but I had to in order to get to Norfolk in time for a spouse motivational workshop (the speaker was Jacey Eckhardt!!) – I’m sure I will be super blogging about it on my other blog so I’m not going into details here. Just stay tuned – lots of information for me to sort though!

I got mail from Team Mom – another awesome freaking review to do. I’ve got about 6 others for Parent Reviews. I love love love my job – but I think I’m going nuts this week. I will get them all done in the next couple days – I promise!!!

Hubby got MAIL today! He ordered a neat game for the Wii called “Chicken Shoot” – he bought it for Xander obviously since the kid needs a game that HE can play. It looks super cute (Alan was playing it today) but Xander will get to try it out tomorrow so we shall see he he fares. We also got a new gun thingy for the Wii called a “Wii Perfect Shot Gun.” It’s neat I guess. I mean, my husband is certainly enjoying it. He put Xander to bed and he’s right back to shooting the bird the chickens!

On the crappy side of life; it goes from hot to cold around here now and my nose is running and my lips are super chapped. Ugh … this is the sucky part of the season change.