Number Crunching

I *HATE* budgeting. Well, okay. Let me rephrase … I hate budgeting when I KNOW that I will be wayyyy over the amount of money needed to pay for everything. We’re in the process of moving, so we will not only have to pay this months mortgage on our not-yet-rented house, but we will also have to pay first months rent + security deposit + pet deposit on our NEW house. Plus moving expenses. Plus turning on electricity and internet (the hell with cable!)

I have no idea … REALLY no idea. I think I’m going to ask the Carlucci’s if I can sleep on their couch for a few days. I have to find either a kennel or someone to watch Samson for the time we are in the hotel. Anyone know of any good kennels in the Virginia Beach area? I’ll even drive over to Norfolk if the price is right!

I’d better get blogging.

Tech Bargains

My hubby is a tech-geek; he even built our desktop PC we affectionately call “The Beast” (like, Frankenstein perhaps?). He bought most if not all of the parts for the PC online. It would have been nice to have a consolidated place to find all the bargains that we needed to build a cheap, but quality computer.

Tech Bargains provides everything from Bargain news, Email newsletters and even RSS feeds with up to the minute information that every techo-geek would love. I know my husband would love it because he already subscribes to a couple magazines that give information about the best of the best in computer programs and hardware.

I like the fact that they have reviews and comparisons of products that we might be interested in purchasing. All the big name stores are covered including Dell (including some handy dell coupons), Buy, New Egg (one of our favs) and even eBay. They have a news block on the main page that gives information about upcoming releases of products and also coupon codes for more than just “tech” (they have Shoes coupons and Restaurant discounts!). I was even poking around to find some cheap notebooks information for my mom who wants to buy a laptop.

So, anyone in your family will find what they are looking for here. I know I’ve bookmarked this website. I like it a lot and I know hubby will also.

Budgeting, Life … Something

So, I found a few houses that I .. er .. WE (meaning, Alan too) like. They are each in our “price range” and are in great neighborhoods. I forgot that we have to come up with not only rent but deposit .. So, my quicky credit card payoff plan will have to wait a couple months. I at least want to come up with the deposit in cash (which would be around $1300). I’m just going to put a portion of the paycheck ($300) into the savings account and use some of my blog pays to up the amount.

Our house is being packed out next Thursday and Friday – yeah, I lit a fire under my butt 😉 But, I figure I get everything out that I really don’t need and keep just some of the furniture (love seat, kitchen table …) – then I can have my garage sale and have a kind of “open house” for potential renters to check out the house. Yeah? Yeah …

Blah … too much to deal with …

Using Loans for Good

Let me start off by stating that our bank owns us. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day regarding consolidation loans or maybe even a refinance on a current loan to help her get out of debt. I know that personally, we have a consolidation loan and a car loan from one bank and a mortgage loan from another (although, I hate the current mortgage holder – while they offer a great percentage rate, they have horrible customer service).

I have good credit, but I know a few of my friends do not – so it’s nice to see that they can get loans to help them get back on their feet. Sometimes people mess up and need payday loans in order to make ends meet. Maybe they want to use their loan to help them, instead of just add more to their debt.

That’s how I use my loans, and I hope that I can pay them off, soon. I plan on it at least!