Potential Phishing Danger Alert: “MyPay DFAS LES”

Potential Phishing Danger Alert:

A third-party smartphone app named “MyPay DFAS LES” is being advertised
to connect to DFAS on your behalf to access your myPay account. This app
is NOT sponsored by the Department of Defense (DOD) or the U.S.
Government. As Such, it presents a serious risk of compromising your
account information and theft of funds. While giving your myPay account
information to strangers is typically not considered a good idea, the
app presents itself as an official DFAS service and as many as 50,000
members are estimated to have installed the app. Additional
investigation has found similar apps for Android and iPhone

Again, DO NOT download this app or provide any PII/Privacy information
to unknown or unconfirmed sources.

Here is the news story: http://www.afspc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123366577

Grants and Scholarships for Military Members

My friend Melissa is the QUEEN of information! She was posting all these awesome links on her Facebook where service members (and even family members!) can find money to go to college (now that this pesky “sequestriation” is actually happening!). So, I figured I’d copy them down for you all and share them!

Having a college education is SO IMPORTANT. That simple, little (*coughexpensivecough*) piece of paper could mean the difference between being gainfully employed after military separation or living in a van down by the river.  so here are some places that will help you get the money you need for your higher education.

Check out these resources:

Already finished with school and working to pay off your debt? Learn more about student loan forgiveness or cancellation!

British Airways Hosts Grant Contest

Let’s face it – our American economy sucks right now. Big businesses are floundering, small businesses are struggling … let’s not even talk about e-commerce. The ‘average Joe’ is broke and it’s hard to keep afloat.

Research from The Harvard Business Review proves that face-to-face meetings can make or break business. But since a lot of businesses have to keep within a budget, meeting clients or associates face-to-face, especially if they are overseas, can be a huge financial drain. But there is one company who would like to help.

British Airways (who have – in my own humble opinion – the single best airline service I’ve ever flown on) is running a contest where 100 small-to-medium size U.S. businesses (who prove they are deserving) will be awarded a year of free Business Class travel and valuable business services and products to help increase their face-to-face meetings and hopefully – grow their business.

"Business Opportunity Grant" recipients will be awarded 10 British Airways roundtrip transatlantic Club World business class tickets to be used at their business’ discretion in 2010. British Airway partners Regus, Courtyard by Marriott, Canon will provide five Businessworld Gold Cards offering access to its business lounges worldwide, $1,000 toward accommodations, and a PIXMA MX860 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer, specifically designed for small businesses. British Airways World Cargo will also offer each winning company five free global shipments of up to 1100lbs, including fuel and security fees, shipped from any British Air World Cargo U.S. gateway.

Pretty sweet huh? Well – there are only a few more days to enter – so please visit the website and apply!

Click Here


Bills, Bills, Bills!

So, there is this website called Bills.com where you can learn how to pay down your bills and generally get a better hold of your money – be it with better budget planning or even some hardcore debt help. The website teaches you what plan would be best for your situation and provides articles to help you learn the best way to budget and successfully eliminate your debt. They even have a personal finance newsletter that you can subscribe to.

Some of the debt management information the website provides includes how to pay off your college loans, general budgeting and can even help provide you with a debt consolidation loan to help you along. The articles regarding finding a tax lawyer, settlement (bankruptcy), debt reduction, and even general terms are really informative and in plain English (even I understood them – and I’m not that bright when it comes to money management!)

Basically – you need to keep your money in check. I think if I had it to do all over again I think … okay, no, who am I kidding – I’d blow all the money the exact same way. But maybe I would’ve had a better budget? Or, maybe I would’ve gotten a real job? Either way, we’ve got a budget and we only use a single credit card and are making more than minimum (it’s the key here) on each card EACH MONTH. Someday, we will get some Debt relief.


Why am I so broke?
Because there are bills to pay.
Retail Therapy.

Hubby’s gone a lot.
I have lots of credit.
But little cash.

Bills are paid on time.
Someday we will pay it off.
Until then, we work.

Sponsored by Bills.com

Money Updates

I know it shouldn’t make me feel “better” – but its really nice to know that people we thought “had it all together” … don’t. I mean, well – that sounds awful – I mean, we’re in the same boat and that just because you make more money, you don’t always have “no debt” you know? The old, “the more you make the more you spend” perhaps?

I am waiting to hear back from my bank to see if the credit card credit limit has been made higher. I want to do another balance transfer and get a super low interest rate. It’s easier to pay off then really. I am also trying to decide which of our main credit cards to keep.

Ugh, I am in need of some serious credit card debt relief before I go completely insane. But, I have to say – it’s fun playing “balance roulette” lol ….

Home Business Workings

I’ve been checking out selling arena’s for a couple home businesses I’m working on. Well, it’s mostly ONE home biz – selling stuff online. But, there are a few items I’d be selling. A homemade items section (crafted items I make, and also items my two friends make) and also random things I’ve picked up along the years that I just need to unload (like, a virtual garage sale).

There are a few avenues to sell items – there’s Etsy for anything homemade, Big Cartel for just about anything, eBay (either plain auctions or an “eBay Store” or even Amazon or Half.com for other used or new items. They each have their own fees associated with them and I’m trying to find out what the pros and cons of each place and what each place’s fees are.

So what do you use? What do you sell? Handmade items? Maybe equestrian clothing? Merch for bands? Give me the downlow here on what you utilize to make your home biz run smoothly.