“Law of Deployments”

Law Number One: Anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong (as soon as your SO deployes).

I’m learning this really quickly now …. Yesterday, not even 2 hours after Alan left Xander dumped half a Starbucks coffee on my wireless keyboard, thus frying it. Today? My truck battery is dead. Dead! And the car? Well, Alan shoved it into the garage so you have to pull straight out. And of course I parked the truck right behind the car. And I can get the truck into neutral to back it up! So, I was planning on going to church this morning, and told Chaplain Rivers as such. So he called a couple minutes ago (I would assume to see where the heck I was) and I told him what happened. So after church he’s coming over to help me. Hope this doesn’t mean his whole family is coming into the house … The house is a mess … Of course …


We GOT our orders today! WOO HOO!! We leave Spain no later then mid-June (hopefully before) WAHOO!!!!!

Rocky Horror en Rota!

Rota Little Theatre will be having a “close to midnight” showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Sea View Pines Amphitheater on Friday, 28 Oct. Seating begins @ 9:30pm! Movie starts at 10:00pm! We will be selling “prop” bags with all you will need to throw – cost is $4.00 – or $3.00 if you come in costume 🙂 Come on out!

Me, Myself and Moving

I am so unhappy with the way I look. I still haven’t dropped all the excess flab from the baby (the weight is gone, but the flab is there …) and I have nothing to wear except tshirts and jeans. They make me look fat and awful (which I look like in any other thing I try also). Ugh … I need a haircut desperatly, but not sure what to get. So I put on sweats and a tshirt (extra large on both accounts, which is actually too big and I look like a beluga in it – but it’s all I have clean because I am a huge slack ass and have to do laundry) and am getting ready to head out and then I realize that I have 3 PL checks to deposit and I need socks that go with my “capri” sweats because it’s Wednesday and therefore “Gym Day” … I know I will feel better after I work out, but getting to that point is hard. Because all I want to do right now is curl up in bed and go to sleep. Alan has class tonight (his last night class, yay!) but I don’t have a clue what to make for dinner. Hmmmm ….. Rachael Ray – where are you???

Ugh .. what a day .. a long, boring, lazy, dreary day ….

On a good note (a VERY good note that is) – Alan called the detailer yesterday and we’re getting orders to … JACKSONVILLE!!! Which is about 4 hours away from my family 🙂 I’m pretty psyched about that at least. Now to wait 8 MORE MONTHS before we PCS. rar.

Effin’ Navy

So, Alan was denied his eye surgery because he’s got less then 18 months left in the Navy and apparently, the contract he signed stating that he WILL reenlist isn’t good enough. So, I told him – just reenlist now dude! (even though this current duty station puts the UCK in SUCKS) … so, he’s pondering that idea. He had this “great thought” to just get out and I told him then we HAVE to move back to Florida so his Grandma can provide daycare and I can get a full time job because we wont be able to pay our bills and will live in a rundown trailer if he gets out. Plus, ugh, no healthcare! So, that’s that .. no getting outta the Navy for you dude! I did tell him that if he can’t get the Navy to pay for it, we will find a way to pay for it. This is something he’s wanted for a long time, and I’d like to make it happen for him. I can understand why he’s pissed and upset … effin’ Navy.