LES’s Where ARE You?

I’m trying to budget for next paycheck and the new LES (military pay stubs) aren’t listed on the ‘net yet. We’re getting paid on like, the 28th this month, why aren’t the LES’s up!? Makes it really hard to budget when I can’t see what we are getting! Grr …

On another note, I hope it doesn’t start raining today. Before I take Xander to the park I really want to spray the back yard for ticks (as Xander walks out the door and Samson begins to itch …)

blah … it’s been a good day – I’m not letting this make me annoyed 😉

No, Not Go-Go Boots

So, hubby sends me a list of what he needs me to bring him (he’s flying in for a couple days and I’m driving up to meet up with him – then he goes back). He wants a camo uniform, he wants combat boots … Okay, the uniform is easy – it’s right in the box in the hallway waiting to be taken to storage. The combat boots, however, are in the attic. Or, buried in the closet (ya know, with all the ticks flyin’ around here). Hopefully I can find a pair for him soon.

Cleaning Day

I’m going to continue my cleaning today. I finished my bedroom last night and sprayed, today is the living room and laundry. I also plan to straighten up my desk area. If I can stay awake that is, I’m soooooo tired! I keep drinking some Dew, but my eyes are closing.

Doesn’t look like the weather will be nice today. That sucks .. rainy weather always puts me in a sleepy mood.

I found the cammos I was looking for yesterday, so I pulled out a pair to chop. But, now I have to find a full uniform for Alan (his request) so I guess I have to go thru the rest of the box. I have to clean off the kitchen table in order to sew. Add that to my list.

Gotta re-find the booty bag pattern also.

Troop Cuts

Is there an end in sight? Maybe not, well, probably not actually – but there will at least be a BREAK for some of the troops fighting in Iraq. According to the President 5,700 US forces will be home by Christmas and four brigages (total of at least 21,500) will be home by July. The President is still defending the war stating that Iraq still needs military, economic and political support.

Read More of the Article.

I pray that some families will see their spouses, sons, daughters, etc soon. I see this as a great step towards the END of this insane occupation. Obviously, I don’t agree with the war … As a military spouse I support the troops over there (I have a LOT of friends AND my husband over there!) I just want them all home safe.

Awesome Care Package Site

As you all know my hubby is in the Navy and is currently serving our country in Operation Enduring Freedom. I send him care packages all the time, at least once a month for a nice big one. So, I’m happy to find a great website that can help me make my hubby happy while he’s overseas. They have Patriotic gifts, baskets for Birthdays and Holidays, themed care packages and much more.

Our brave men and women are over in foreign countries fighting for our freedom. Why not send them a little “Thank You” with a great basket of cookies or snacks? So, Support the Troops and send them a care package! Trust me, they will appreciate it so much!

New Domain (Pre-Stages)

I’m trying to come up with another domain name. I want a website/blog more geared towards military life and things that would appeal to military spouses. Trying to come up with the NAME is killin’ me here. I don’t want to be too repetitive either, I don’t want a “forum” (there are a million) and I don’t want just a listing of outdated websites that are supposed to “help” people. I want duty station reviews, I want co-bloggers, I want MORE to the website. Ya’know? Any one have any ideas? Any one want to blog on this website? It will certainly include a directory and such (might I add, a HELPFUL and UPDATED directory). Something that will actually help other military spouses with their lives. Hopefully I can come up with something soon. I’m itching to buy this domain 😉