Send a Card

Not sure if it works, but what’s the issue with trying right? If you go to this website, pick out a card and “personalize” then Xerox will send it to a random hero in the sandbox. Seems nice to me. I’m sending PartyLite to them lol 😉 heh heh …


Alright, so first off … I hate this layout. I will fix that, erm, at some point. I need to get off me arse and design me own methinks. Moving along …

I broke down today and bought not one, but TWO magnets for my car. One says “I love my sailor” and the other says “Support the troops” … Everyone has them. I didn’t want one. But, it hit me today just how fucking AWESOME the people in the military are. They are all my heroes – including my kick ass hero husband.

Will This Ever Stop?

National Guard to be Deployed

I’m so sick and fucking tired of this war. Sick and Tired! I’m sick of hearing of more and more troops being sent over to do some bullshit, political mission and leaving their families. A year? Come home for a couple months and right back out. I’ve known people to do a 6 month to a year stint over there, come home for 6 months and go right back over. It’s insane! I’m so ready for a change in tide in this stupid administration. So many people, both military and civilian are completely done with what we are doing over there. In the article they mention that the National Guard troops are okay with being deployed — OF COURSE THEY SAY THAT!! They are being “volunTOLD” to do it! Of course they are going to agree, they have no choice! And if they are an officer in the military they can’t disagree because they’d get court marshalled! So, duh! Get these stupid ass-hats out of the administration!! Hello!! This bullshit has been going on for SIX YEARS NOW!! It’s time to STOP!

Who’s Your Bag-Daddy?

I got a box from Alan today! I heard a bell ring (um, DOOR bell?) and Samson barked and ran to the door – which prompted the poor postman to RUN back to his truck (lol .. poor dude, he’s been chased before). So, I went outside and signed for it – seeing Alan’s scrawly messy handwriting on the box made me smile 🙂 He sent a set of marble (!) glasses (like, cups?) and a Hard Rock Kuwait and a Hard Rock Bagdad (wtf? lol …) glasses (he’s a shot glass fiend) and two t-shirts (Mortor-rita ville … sheesh) and a little teddy bear. He also sent a VCD with two book readings and a message for me and “Outtakes” … goof. Xander and I were watching the “Outtakes” section when he called. I love hearing from him, and seeing the video was wonderful 🙂 I’m going to work on a vid for him this month and send him one. 🙂

Got This Off CinCHouse …

“Deployment is like 1-5 and goes like this: 6 months is really only 3 months when cut in half and half is almost like the whole thing, and three months is like one month because the middle of three months is a month and a half, and what’s half a month? It doesn’t even count. And one month is really 30 days, but it might as well be 28 cause that’s a moon cycle, and since weekends don’t count for some reason in my world, it’s really only 20 days and that’s just about two weeks. So, in keeping with my theory you should be back sometime tomorrow.”

Freak Out

[begin freakout]
OH MY FRICKERN GOD! HE LEFT SO MUCH SHIT FOR ME TO DO! And the car is screwing up, I’ve got the moving damages claim to write up and no idea HOW to do it, I’ve got issues with my alarm ….. IMMA GONNA GO NUCKING FUTS!!!!!!! GOD DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMMIT DAMMMMMMMMIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!
[/end freakout]