VA: Special Event for Military Spouses

I received this from my OMBUDSMAN and thought since some of my readers may be in the Virginia/Hampton Roads area I’d pass it along! This sounds like a LOT of fun!! This even is for card carrying military spouses only.

From 5 to 9 p.m. May 20 at the Hampton Holiday Inn Ballroom on Mercury Boulevard, military spouses are invited to attend “Night Under the Stars.”

The free event is open to spouses from all branches of the military. It will include, among other services, massages, manicures, eyebrow waxing and arts and crafts.

In 2007, more than 1,300 military spouses attended the event. More than 30 vendors set up booths “similar to a job fair displaying their products along with free samples,” according to a press release.

This year, event organizers expect 2,000 spouses to attend and more than 60 local businesses to participate.

To reserve a ticket, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center on Langley Air Force Base at 757-764-3990.

Bring your military ID card to get in.

I wouldn’t miss this for the WORLD! See you there?


OMG … I am SO stressed out to the point of sick! There were people coming to look at the house this morning and at the last minute they called the Realtor to cancel. TEN MINUTES BEFORE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO COME!!! Rar! This is such a pain! How am I supposed to rent this house out in 3 weeks? Seriously?

I gotta go hit and list it – the sites for military people to rent/sell their homes. We’ve been looking on there for a house in Virginia. Found a few I like – but I have to rent this one out. Thank GOD the Navy pays us a little extra when we move – otherwise there is no way I could afford all this. I need a nap.

Budgeting, Life … Something

So, I found a few houses that I .. er .. WE (meaning, Alan too) like. They are each in our “price range” and are in great neighborhoods. I forgot that we have to come up with not only rent but deposit .. So, my quicky credit card payoff plan will have to wait a couple months. I at least want to come up with the deposit in cash (which would be around $1300). I’m just going to put a portion of the paycheck ($300) into the savings account and use some of my blog pays to up the amount.

Our house is being packed out next Thursday and Friday – yeah, I lit a fire under my butt 😉 But, I figure I get everything out that I really don’t need and keep just some of the furniture (love seat, kitchen table …) – then I can have my garage sale and have a kind of “open house” for potential renters to check out the house. Yeah? Yeah …

Blah … too much to deal with …

LES’s Where ARE You?

I’m trying to budget for next paycheck and the new LES (military pay stubs) aren’t listed on the ‘net yet. We’re getting paid on like, the 28th this month, why aren’t the LES’s up!? Makes it really hard to budget when I can’t see what we are getting! Grr …

On another note, I hope it doesn’t start raining today. Before I take Xander to the park I really want to spray the back yard for ticks (as Xander walks out the door and Samson begins to itch …)

blah … it’s been a good day – I’m not letting this make me annoyed 😉

No, Not Go-Go Boots

So, hubby sends me a list of what he needs me to bring him (he’s flying in for a couple days and I’m driving up to meet up with him – then he goes back). He wants a camo uniform, he wants combat boots … Okay, the uniform is easy – it’s right in the box in the hallway waiting to be taken to storage. The combat boots, however, are in the attic. Or, buried in the closet (ya know, with all the ticks flyin’ around here). Hopefully I can find a pair for him soon.

Cleaning Day

I’m going to continue my cleaning today. I finished my bedroom last night and sprayed, today is the living room and laundry. I also plan to straighten up my desk area. If I can stay awake that is, I’m soooooo tired! I keep drinking some Dew, but my eyes are closing.

Doesn’t look like the weather will be nice today. That sucks .. rainy weather always puts me in a sleepy mood.

I found the cammos I was looking for yesterday, so I pulled out a pair to chop. But, now I have to find a full uniform for Alan (his request) so I guess I have to go thru the rest of the box. I have to clean off the kitchen table in order to sew. Add that to my list.

Gotta re-find the booty bag pattern also.