Cold Made Warmer

fire building

I adore our house here in Virginia, even though it’s cold here (and I still haven’t rented out our house in Jacksonville). Alright “Debby Downer” … knock it off!

Anyway. Our house comes complete with a fireplace, and above in the photo is my hubby and our son (and the dog) working on getting a fire started. It worked and almost an hour later it’s still going strong! I hear it crackling and it’s nice and warm in the living room now. Real wood he used even! He’s getting so talented at starting fires 🙂

I got the living room cleaned up a bit and hubby put up our wine glass rack and his shot glass rack on the wall. He even put up glasses! The house is coming along, slowly but surely. It’s beginning to look like a “home” to us. We’re still no where NEAR unpacked, but it’s happening. I have the warm, fuzzies right now. Especially since I’m being uber-lazy and hubby is giving Xander a bath right now.

Zoo Pictures

I promised that I would post a picture from the zoo! This was the last zoo trip we took while in Jacksonville. We went with our friends Mandy and Julissa and their children. I had never taken pictures of the animals at the zoo much less the kids, lol … So, I took a ton of pictures this time!

I have been told that the zoo here in Virginia isn’t so great. The Aquarium is supposed to be much better! We will see for ourselves in a few days 🙂

Anyway, more zoo pictures can be found here.

Halloween – The Event

Wow! Halloween was a LOT of fun! Xander and I headed over to Valerie’s house so I could borrow her printer to print insurance cards (which OMG, I have to register the truck today!!!). We half got into costume over there (meaning: her kids got dressed – Captain Hook and Peter Pan, while she did her hair and had on a green shirt for her Tinkerbelle).. I was dressed just in all black – I was “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer” lol. We headed over to Target to grab some stuff and get the rest of Xander’s costume (because I had accidentally grabbed dark blue pants instead of black and the black turtleneck wasn’t going to work since it was not cold). After Target we sat in traffic for awhile. Then ended up at Mandy’s finally. Mandy dressed up as an awesome Devil while her little girl dressed as Dorothy and the baby was going to be a Lion. Soon after Mandy’s friend arrived with her little girl (dressed as a pink kitty) and Jeni came over with her little girls (2 witches and a cheetah). We headed out trick or treating soon after! We did a large “round the block” and saw SO many people out (including a couple dressed in giant fat lady suits with tutu’s .. lol). They were awesome! There were a few ‘haunted houses’ also, that’s something I’d never seen before (in housing). Xander wanted to go in one, but he chickened out 2 feet in, lol … Poor kid.

After we were done at Mandy’s and trick or treating Xander and I headed over to Bianka’s house to crash her ‘party’ 🙂 Her hubby had taken out her son and a friends daughter (Frodo & Tinkerbelle, respectively) dressed as Gandolf. Awesome costumes!! So we ate dinner over there and had a great night with Bianka her hubby, another friend Julissa and the kiddos.

Awesome friends made Halloween awesome 🙂 Oh, and a couple more pictures can be found here!

Mood .. What A Mood!

The Boys @ Fort Macon

I hate being in a funk … I have been in a funk ALL DAY LONG today. What made it worse was that Xander was also … Blah! We did visit the park and meet up with friends today though, which made the day a little nicer. Xander was having a ton of fun on the swing – screeching and everything! He loves to swing, he’s so funny to watch. He smiles and laughs just like his daddy 🙂

After the park we went to Publix so I could get toilet paper and whatever else I could find. I’m on a mad hunt for mini Mason Jars … I ended up getting the TP, some 3 for $5 Gatoraide and some buy one – get one free Macaroni and Cheese. I also picked up the new Mojito drinks from Bacardi. They are chilling in my fridge right now. I love Mojito’s …. so hopefully these ready-made drinks do the original justice.

Ordered Chinese food for dinner to quell both my hunger and my funk. I feel better already. Especially since I got paid around $35 today for some blogs I did awhile back. I love selling out 😉

Ps. Uploaded some trip pics from North Carolina. The picture above was taken at Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach.

Graduation Layout

I made a layout of my sister-in-law’s graduation from college. Congratulations Brandie!

grad layout

Waiting for His Bags

Alexander and Daddy
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