Weekly Winners

Here is my contribution to Weekly Winners … The best photos of the week (in my life). Check out more awesome photography at Sarcastic Mom and check out all the wonderful Weekly Winners!

Reading the paper after breakfast.

Looking in the mirror.

The pirate needed to be up high apparently.

New Kitteh – Skippy!

weekly winners

Weekly Winners

I swore I’d have these up before noon .. and amazingly enough, it’s happening! Woot! I actually worked on having my camera near me at all times unless we were out of the house. This coming week I plan on taking the camera out with us. I’m making all these rules because I realized recently that I hardly take pictures anymore, so I’m trying to fix that by making a point to take ’em!

Onto the best shots of the week!

Sunny Day & Girl in Window.

The “real” breakfast of Champions. Along with a diet & caffeine pill. I figured I didn’t want photo evidence of that though, lol.

What really keeps me warm at night.

He’s so hard at work!

Boogie is fishin’ for boogies. Yuck!

Okay, that’s all! LazyTown just went on and ya’ll know how I love me some Sportacus!

Go check out more Weekly Winners over at Sarcastic Mom – they take much better photo’s than me! 🙂

weekly winners

Weekly Winners

I’m no photographer. But I’ve been trying to take more and more pictures and display them here for my readers & friends. So, I’m joining Lotus‘ Weekly Winners meme and ripping off my clothes for all to see (figuratively of course!!)

We don’t get out much.

He looks up to me. Scary.

Yep, it’s a tattoo. No, it’s not real.

I didn’t take a lot this week. Been a sick week …

weekly winners

Weird, Weird Weather

It’s 75 degrees out right now. What’s up with this weather?? I love it! Today the high was supposed to be 71, tomorrows high is supposed to be 76! Then on Thursday the high is back to being 57 degrees.

On another note, Xander and I had some Painting Time today! We went to the craft store (Michael’s) and bought a plain wooden stool for $6.99 then I bought some yellow paint (Xander’s choice). When we began setting up today I realized that I can’t find my other paints nor can I find a small paintbrush! So, he had a regular size brush and only yellow, green (light and dark) and brown (light and dark) to play with. The chair ended up “Olive Drab Green” when he was done. There are still some more spots and some more painting to be done on it (he says) so I am sure I will have more pictures when it’s done!

Friday = Funday!

Xander and I (and Alan later on) had a fun day today! We got up and watched some cartoons snuggling in Mama’s bed (cuz it’s COLD out there!) and then headed off to the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth! There is so much to see there it’s awesome!! There were life size vehicles in the first room you get to (including a firetruck, motorcycle and city bus) and buildings to play in (including a shopping mart!) they have a bubble room, a play area (2 in fact), a music area, a sound area, building blocks, legos, a TRAIN ROOM … even a planetarium!! It was so, so cool!

We stopped for lunch at McD’s on the way home and Xander fell asleep in the car 🙂

Then we grabbed Daddy and went to see the 7:30pm showing of “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” movie!! Xander did really well in the theater, he didn’t wiggle until the movie was nearly over.

I figured today was the best day to do some cool stuff with him since his birthday falls on MLK day this year and I didn’t think anything would be open. That’s right – the little man turns THREE on Monday!!

How did I become the mother of a THREE YEAR OLD?

We bought his b’day gifts months ago .. I just have to finish up painting his train table (that I got off Craigs for $40 almost a year ago now! lol … it just stayed WHITE this whole time!)

Side note – thank you to my internet friends, you are all so wonderful. You make me cry, literally. You are wonderful!

Another side note – I don’t know anything about trade show displays. Just thought I’d mention that, m’kay? 😉

Attack of Dogzilla

Our dog, Samson, HATES the remote controlled monster truck that my hubby & son are so fond of. HATES! He barks like crazy and chases it around the yard. I find it hilarious, but it does get old – because Sammys bark gets annoying.

So, what do I do as my dog is running around the yard like a freak, and my son and hubby are screaming for him to stop? I take pictures of course! What else?

Now, poor Sammy is SO out of breath, lol … He’s not in very good shape, he weighs around 110lbs at this time. He’s a bit of a fatty … My fault since he is le’suck when it comes to walking on a leash (need to work on that).

I love my dog, he’s such a cracker head …