Weekly Winners

weekly winners

I didn’t do my Winners last week because I really didn’t take any photos. SO – I’m back this week 🙂 Thanks to Lotus for holding this each week! Go check out other Weekly Winners!

First off, here is a photo from music class – it’s over – Xander LOVED it and all the other kids did also.

That’s my boy – channeling Matthew McConawhatever. He insists on playing the bongos every single week.

Xander and his “graduation” award. It’s spelled wrong, but I don’t think anyone spells it correctly except us. Oh and my mom. But she pays attention.

I think he’s done with all the photos.

Now THIS is my winner from the week .. I love this photo – it was taken at the Botanical Gardens. Cheese!

And finally … my rose … I’m just happy I haven’t killed the darn thing yet. Well, that and my new camera has a “macro” setting and I was dying to try it out.

That’s all folks!! Thanks for watching!!

A Cat’s Thoughts

Skippy, Deep in Thought

This is my cat, Skippy … what is he thinking while Xander inches closer? Dut Dut Duhhhhhhh!!

Punk Rock Kid

Punk Rock Kid

Keeping with the photo theme for the day (lol) – I had to post this one in a seperate post, simply because it rocks so much. Someone (I don’t know if it was Chrissy or Melissa) had the idea that Xander would look tres cool with a mohawk. I agreed of course since I KNEW he’d look cool with a mohawk! So, yesterday since Melissa was on a hair cutting spree – I let he go wild on Xander’s head. Xander is a GOOD SPORT and didn’t care, he was just super tired and seemed to be falling asleep while she shaved him. He looks awesome with his new ‘hawk!! I brought him into the bathroom to see it and a HUGE smile spread across his face! He loves it!

His hair grows pretty fast, so I give it a month honestly … then it will be grown out. But until then my kid looks REALLY cool!

Weekly Winners

I bought a new camera!! Yay!! So, of course since it is small I can take it anywhere and I’ve been snapping pictures like a madwoman! So that means I can hop back on the “Weekly Winners” train! Yay!!

I didn’t edit this picture, so the red eye is all over the place. But I chose it for WW’s because these two seriously act like they hate each other – well, the dog acts like he hates Xander at least. But sometimes, JUST sometimes when Xander’s tired he can snuggle up with Samson and they actually LIKE each other.

Those gorgeous brown eyes.

DSC00038Water Cuties!

He’s getting ready to take over the world. Watch out!

That’s it folks (for this week anyway!) … Go visit Lotus’ blog and catch up with all the other Weekly Winners!

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“Mow” Fun

I mentioned in the last blog post about hubby getting ready to mow the backyard? Well, Xander wanted to help and ran inside to get HIS (bubble) lawnmower. So, I took a photo!

Daddy and Xander Mowing

Aren’t my menfolk cute? Hee hee!! Hubby is having an allergy attack though, poor guy is SO allergic to grass!

Today’s Activities


Xander and I, along with some friends, checked out Jumping Monkey today! They not only have several bounce houses, but they also have a “girls” room with a princess theme and “girl” toys and a “boy” room with a batman theme and “boy” toys. Of course Xander checked out both rooms and was often seen running around pushing a baby buggy! They also had a few arcade style video games and lots of ride on toys for toddlers and babies. We both enjoyed ourselves.

For lunch we all headed to the food court at the mall across the street hoping to play in the play area – but alas, the play area was closed, so after lunch one of the girls and I took the kids to the bookstore for train table and book fun. We met the Easter bunny on the way (hence the bunny ears in the photograph!) and also hit the sale in the Disney store!

We came home, took a nap (well, Xander did) and then headed with hubby to Target (just opened across the street!) for some things – including some $9.99 jersey knit sheets!

I tried making a nice tuna and rice casserole for dinner, but the damn rice wouldn’t soften – the casserole is all done (with the exception of the hardish rice) and ready for (hopefully) tomorrows dinner. I instead threw together some broccoli cheese soup and some croque monsieur. Turned out good at least.

Now, we’re watching the old “Horton Hears a Who” and “Butter Battle” cartoons and Xander’s throwing a fit … Sigh …